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Sums it up nicely

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I wrote the essay for this catalogue. Published by Gumtree Press and out soon.

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Book Learnin’

When you read about artists you often hear about the influence of art and/or art history books had on them. McCahon talks of it in his “Beginnings” essay for example.  Recently in some research I found that another artist (not uncommonly) had read their way through the entire art section of their local library.

Funnily, I had an artist rant at me for some time at an opening about “self-taught art historians telling me what my paintings are all about” who then went a bit red when I told him I was in fact a self-taught art historian of sorts.

Of sorts….so now I am very, very slowly working my way through the art and art history sections of my local library, which is better than I expected. I am just randomly picking stuff off the shelves. Today’s book is “50 artists you should know

Although I found this funny little comment about it:

This can be a useful library reference for upper-elementary and middle-school students. Of course, teachers and students should be wary of so simplistic a title as 50 Artists You Should Know and the limitations of focusing on Eurocentric and American art (virtually all male artists).”

Luckily it seems to have been followed up by this title, “40 women artists you should know” but my library doesn’t have a copy ;-)

Any suggestions of “not to be missed” art books will be gratefully received.

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Blogging elsewhere

I am doing the odd blog post for NZMuseums

Neil Pardington – The Vault

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