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The Answers

From the last post

a) Lauris Edmond

b) Rita Angus

c) Janet Frame

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Here are some quotes that I have read while researching this weekend that have resonated. Guess the source and/or subject and win a (virtual) chocolate fish.

I decided I must do degree work in the mornings while my youngest child was at kindergarten, and breakfast dishes, washing and housework in the afternoons…the sensation of turning my back on [the housework] and walking upstairs to sit down…was one of exquisitely guilty pleasure

a highly sensitive person who could hurt others without being aware of it; an intelligent and open minded woman who could fix on an idea and cling to it…even the loyal xxx struggled to understand her prickliness and defensiveness…her too-literal reaction to spoken or written words…”

A writer must stand on the rock of her self and her judgement or be swept away by the tide or sink in the quaking earth

A clue – they are all women, all New Zealanders.

EDIT: I’ll post answers late on Monday to give people a chance at guessing.

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The universal statement

Having just written elsewhere that certain artists were quite prickly people, I am having a prickly day myself. Lets just say over-reaction would be an understatement. I put it down to this flu I can’t shake and the position of the moon.


I found this a while back and loved it because it raises many many issues that key into my day.

My Heritage is Bigger than “I Am” (2008) Joyce Stalker

The artists writes “Seventeen years after emigrating to New Zealand Aotearoa, I feel more sharply than ever the loss of my Canadian heritage. I have read that McCahon is this country’s greatest artist and been told that all artists here reference him. I remain stubbornly unmoved by his dark and complex works and deeply stirred by the fabric of my family’s lives.”

I personally am moved by McCahon and particularly the “I AM” so it was very interesting for me to consider this from a differing viewpoint. I also liked how the artist used McCahon’s imagery to make the statement “I AM”. Because in the end it is a universal I AM (see Chatwin) and that is all we can say.

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Isn’t it ironic?

Don’t ya think? Well maybe not. I thought it was about time for another ukulele post and I had the funniest twitter conversation today that ended with the comment “Joy Division could have been much more cheerful if they’d thought to add a ukulele“*

Always one to please – I bring you the Heavy Boxes:


*Hope you don’t mind me repeating this – its been making me laugh all afternoon.

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