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A Challenge

I am trying to get my blogging mojo back, so I have challenged myself to a daily blog post for all of May. Yes really! So I’ll be starting on Saturday 1 May when hopefully I will have something to say because I’ll be going to this on Friday night. I have had a little preliminary involvement with this show and it will be exciting to see all the works up on the walls.

I have found myself wading through McCahon mythology in recent weeks. Its been a big learing curve and fun but still leaves me with questions. Mainly these are around that art/artist separation issue but it also made me wonder why there aren’t more straight biographies of NZ artists, ones focussing on the life not just the art, ones like Jill Trevelyan’s Rita Angus book and Martin Edmond’s Clairmont one?

In other news in my small world my op shopping has paid off again with this haul.

A copy of Mid west 7 and what appears to be a Paul Hartigan Tattoo tea-cup. I haven’t been able to find much out about the cup, apart from some sets in an old Art+Object catalogue. Any information appreciated.

I just like it though and will be drinking my tea from it.

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Art is for everyone

Yesterday the police seized the local Mongrel Mob headquarters. Now, I in no way want to offend the Mongrel Mob, but I did want to point out this photo and the nice print over the fire place.

EDIT: It is possible that this is the framed picture of Iron Maiden, as mentioned in the ODT article – but I like to think of it as a nice landscape.

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Art and my Life – Exhibit #327

Just snapped in my lounge after the kids had ‘tidied up’

(click to enlarge – if you feel you must)

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Being Easter I could be all predictable and link to something related to current research. It’s a little picture I saw last year at the Hocken, simple and beautiful. The three Marys at the tomb – its bluer than it looks…

But … in the Northern Hemisphere at least it is spring and I love this music…ah to have seen Nijinsky!

And for us down here in the South, what I think is my all time favourite music (and I very likely have posted it here before) – Autumn Leaves

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