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Well I am back into another lot of school holidays and thankfully no deadlines this time. The result of the last holidays was this.

I picked up my copies last week and was quite chuffed to see myself included in this list of people.

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Museums and Earthquakes

I blogged about the earthquake for NZ Museums

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Why art is important

Watch and enjoy – and realise this could happen here too

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Shelter from the Storm

As you may know, a week ago there was a large and destructive earthquake in Christchurch. Many have written about it and I echo Lysergia’s (and others) sentiment that it’s not about me, and her roundup is excellent.

The shock of it all came on the tail end of a very angsty week for me and it suddenly put my small troubles into perspective. And so, as part of small changes I am trying to make towards larger moves, I hope to be blogging here more often. 

During the ‘counting my blessing process’, I was thinking a lot about comfort and shelter and in my daily housework I came across this label on a blanket.

Haeremai” Blanket. Bruce Woollen Mills, Milton, Otago, New Zealand. (Wartime Label)

I live in Mosgiel – formerly known for its woollen mills. Milton is a 20 minute drive south from here. I think my mother gave me this blanket when we moved to Otago last year and we sure have needed it. The wartime label indicates that it could be 70 years old but it’s in almost perfect nick. To me, it epitomises comfort and for some reason, permanence within an impermanent world.

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