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Quantum of Solace

“…when the ‘Quantum of Solace’ drops to zero, humanity and consideration of one human for another is gone.” (Ian Fleming)

I have written before about Comfort Art and I have been finding solace in art of late. There is a pretty substantial art collection where I work. My new job (as with any new job I guess) is pretty stressful at times. Luckily I get to ‘decompress’ on my way home as I pass various works; nearly every day I pass Robin white’s large ‘Seven Hills’ for example. If only I could take a break now and again and instead of (or as well as) getting a coffee* just ‘go down to look at the Hoteres’ …but perhaps then they really would think I am mad

A comment from David Cauchi on my Comfort Art post quoted Matisse…

It is my dream to create an art which is filled with balance, purity and calmness, freed from a subject matter that is disconcerting or too attention-seeking. In my paintings, I wish to create a spiritual remedy, similar to a comfortable armchair which provides rest from physical expectation for the spiritually working, the businessman as well as the artist.”

Job done guys…job well done

* The Dispensary makes AWESOME coffee especially the if the barista you can see in the photos here is about.

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