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3 people have commented to me in the last week that I have neglected this blog. I can’t believe I used to blog every day. But blogging is so 2008. Which means, that among other things, I have fallen victim to twitter and Facebook.

These newish modes of communication have led to all sorts of interesting things. As with the blog, I have connected me with some amazing people, and it’s company for a shut-in like me. I have also ‘crowd sourced’ all sorts of information such as possible reasons for the kindy rabbit dying while in my care (the stuff nightmares are made of) and an almost instant translation for this quote from Virgil’s Georgics ‘Et secura quies et nescia fallere vita’. Today after I made a post on Facebook about people being eaten by dragons (don’t ask), I got the notification “Frida Kahlo likes your status”. WIN! if a very weird ‘art and my life’ WIN. But it may explain why it’s all a bit addictive.

The school holidays have also impacted my blogging. Thankfully we are back into full school and kindy mode this coming week. However, this also means sports and ballet are back and with it, the stressful Saturday morning juggle of children. This Saturday past though, art intersected with life as I managed to read some poetry and essays on a NZ artist I am researching while watching my 6-year-old play cricket. Very civilized, although it did earn me a few stares from the other sports parents.

So while I haven’t actually been blogging, I have been musing a lot and have heaps of things to write about. But it will have to wait until I’ve finished my current project and recovered from my birthday tomorrow. My research has been fun and today has led me from Elvis and Hildegard of Bingen, to Nick Cave and Julian of Norwich with a side helping of Barthes and Foucault. Never a dull moment around here. Hang in there – exciting things are coming….

Michael Smither painting – swiped from here. Help me identify it properly and I’ll list the details

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Time and attention

About time I put some attention into this blog. I have been frantic with assignment deadlines and forced writing which is no fun at all. Anyway I’ve got a week’s break (or so) to relax a little.

Some fun things have been happening in the mix. For example I was watching bad American TV on Tuesday night (only redeemed by Hugh Laurie) when I got a text from an unknown number saying “Can u get Maori TV? There’s a Frida Kahlo doco on atm.” I immediately changed channels to watch “Between Ecstasy and Pain” which was excellent. I did find out who sent the message, but for a while I liked to imagine the universe sending out random text messages (makings of a short story there maybe).

The Wounded Deer 
(1946) Frida Khalo

Which reminds me, I noted during my weeks research that there is a tendency to refer to female artists by first name “Frida”, “Rita” but not so much male artists. Go figure.

I have also been annoying on twitter by perhaps over-frequent tweets. When you are a shut in and can go a whole day with an adult conversation, the temptation to blurt in the 140 character format can be too much. On the plus side people sometimes reply!!! I noticed the frequency on my tweets increased with the desperation with my writing. In the end I did get an essay finished that a friend suggested might be ‘Miss Jean Brodie meets Russell Crowe’, which is ok I guess (although Rita and Colin might not think so). Oddly, in other forums I simply ran out of words.

An interesting thing I’ve found on Twitter is following galleries, museums and libraries. For example, a little gem from the Christchurch Art Gallery this week was a Doris Lusk I hadn’t seen before. Things like this brighten the day no end.

When I’ve been tearing my hair out at home, battling deadlines, illness and domestica, the ‘net in its many forms has also been an amazing source of support, generosity and kindness – thanks guys!!!!

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I don’t even care if the title to this post is a real word or not, today was wonderful. Mainly because I get to keep my finger and don’t need any further surgery! I am a little disappointed I won’t be getting a metal finger and being the town freak though.

There is also awesomeness everywhere else.

Chinese material boots from Frida’s Wardrobe

Who knew Frida Kahlo inspired Converse Chuck Taylors? :-)

And in my continuing series on Guerilla Knitting including tank, canon and petrol station cosies (which is a little Barr-like) I bring you this:

Everything Nice (2006) Theresa Honeywell

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This thing in the mirror

I have been thinking today about self-portraits – mainly because I was trying to take a photograph of myself for a bio which was rather unsuccessful. I don’t think I’d like what I saw no matter what and the camera shows all those little things that the eye/brain connection can blank out. I think when you look at yourself intently it also can bring around the clash of the inner and outer worlds. Personally in my head I will forever look 20, but the truth is, that page has long since been turned. It is indeed a case of “This Thing in the Mirror

Also I got news of someone flying up from Christchurch to see the Rita Angus exhibiton that opens at Te Papa this coming weekend (now that is an opening I’d love the opportunity to go to). Rita of course was a master self-portraitess and I think we get a glimmer of her inner world in these works.

Oddly the self-portraits I love are of/by women – Frida Khalo, A Lois White, Jacquey Fahey for example. Perhaps women are overly judgemental of themselves? I like to think of it as a form of self analysis which makes the pictures all the more intriguing.


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