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Poetry Day

It’s New Zealand National Poetry Day. I wish I knew of some visual arts poems but I don’t. I did however, VERY much like this poem from Mark Young though who kindly let me post it here:

A line from Courtney Love

English newspapers
laced up their tennis
shoes, Real Madrid
went on another goal

spree, the strife-prone
household insulation
program turned on
its heel & headed to

a park; but not even
a change in appetite &
toilet habits can stop
the generally low inter-

city mobility of urban
populations. So. We
drowned them all in
their swimming pools.

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The Blog Life

I was so busy for a while focussing on a project that when I finished it felt like my brain had turned to mush and I really didn’t have much to share to here. Then today I read this wonderful post by one of the Helens and it was very familiar territory for me.

What I have been doing though, has culminated in a catalogue essay for a Jeffrey Harris exhibition which opens this Friday.

 Jeffrey Harris Untitled #5, 1980-1981

The artist has described these scenes as actors in a series of dramas, their players are often trapped, often provided release. It has been noted that Harris, in these works, has the power “to communicate through a literal meaning, the opaqueness of the non-literal. The three paintings on exhibition at the Brett McDowell gallery are from a series of seven completed in 1981, two have never been exhibited before.”

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Back in the saddle

Well almost. I have been working really hard on a new essay which coincided with the school holidays. Ironically now that it is almost done, from tomorrow onwards I will have a substantial amount of child-free time every day for the first time in quite a number of years.

I’ll enjoy it while I can, as I am also job hunting.

I’ve seen A LOT of art in the last few months and must catch up with it all. Today I managed to take the kids to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. It was good, but to be honest was a bit like this

OR maybe this

Will report back soon.

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Make It Work

School holidays, deadlines, research, plan changes, backlogs of other things piling up, and yes, the blogging suffers…What does one do?

Well because I don’t have Tim Gunn  here to prod me along, I bought these from Emma Makes.

They are also the editing pencils of DOOM. Thanks to the very clever Emma!!!! (I am now coveting one of her ukulele bags)

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