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The Book as Object

Good news!!! (and not just shameless self-promotion)

Kilmog Press is back and with exciting plans for 2013. ALso STARCH Vol 2 is out

This might come as a surprise, indeed, also for some of the contributors themselves, but Kilmog Press has returned to publishing and has just this moment published STARCH: VOLUME TWO – 96 pages, hardback, hand sewn & stitched & bound, letterpress cover & titling, letterpress contents page : 18 contributors of poetry, short fiction, etc – Sarah Bainbridge, Iain Britton, Pauline Dawson, Bill Direen, Lynley Edmeades, Martin Edmond, David Eggleton, Henry Feltham, Roger Hickin, Mariana Isara, Hamish Keith, Jessica Le Bas, Maris O’Rourke, Bob Orr, Mark Pirie, Vaughan Rapatahana, Elizabeth Smither & Lani Wendt Young.

RRP $50.00 – For copies: kilmogpress@hotmail.com or Kilmog Press PO BOX 1562, Dunedin.”

You may note I am one of the contributors.

Kilmog books are such beautiful objects, which brings me to a conversation I had with the Editor and another bookish friend recently about e-books. I got a tablet for Christmas. I was wanting an e-reader but decided in the end the tablet would have more use and I hardly ever read outside (something to be corrected probably). I downloaded a few books on a topic I was studying but then I found myself at Scribes (separate post to come about THAT) buying real copies of the books. It seems I have a need to actually handle the book as object, to smell it (and this simply won’t do), to absorb it in a way the e-book doesn’t lend itself to. Also I realised that with e-books there will be no opportunity for second hand purchases and no inscriptions.

I have found reading research journal articles in the .pdf format really good though , so there are uses for my e-reader and I am working my way through Swann’s Way again.

I have friends who love the format, but then I love my bookshelves. which brings me finally to this

What is your ideal bookshelf – your 10 best? Photos are all over the internet of people photographing their top 10

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My 9-year-old’s current favourite phrase is “random”…so here are some random photos from the last few weeks, art related and otherwise


Oh hai




Playing “where am I?” on twitter while on a mini road trip – this town also served me a long black in a  bowl.




At Queens Park Invercargill. Love how it is labelled like a specimen tree. I also liked it a lot.




“art” sale




How random is this? – Jack Kerouac with a cat!


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So here is a tale about the oddest thing that has ever happened to me in an art gallery. I managed to swoop by the Eastern Southland Art Gallery just after Christmas to see the Matthew Couper show Thirty-Three. It was excellent and a great concept. I particularly liked the Christ Canvas part of the central installation.

While I was there I decided to post a message to the artist via Facebook saying I was there and I thought it was great (what a fan-girl *sigh*). When I looked up for my messaging a patron, an older gentle man was glaring at me…oh well I though and went through to the Hotere Gallery. Now something struck me about the hanging of three panels of Hotere’s at the end of the gallery and I did something I have seldom done before and took a photo.

This wasn’t a quick decision for me but I was thinking about many of these posts and Courtney’s discussion of this topic on National Radio. Recently I’d been to the re-opened Otago Settlers Museum that actually invited you to take photos and I also had in mind Matthew Couper himself and his many Facebook photos of artworks in galleries.

Anyway the older gentleman approached me and said “Taking photos of the artworks eh??” He was visibly angry; I was quite taken aback. I offered to delete the photo if it upset him that much and his response was “I don’t even want to speak to you” and he stomped right out of the art gallery.

Now I HATE upsetting people or causing a fuss so I was quite upset. But over the week or so I’ve decided it perhaps was not the best idea I’ve ever had, but actually was it that enraging? I would have liked to know what this man’s specific problem was…

The funny thing is the picture I took is a unrecognisable complete blur, perhaps as John Lydon sang, anger is an energy…

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