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Art for Waitangi Day

Some art I’ve happened to be considering this week seems appropriate to post for Waitangi day. You can figure it out yourself without my commentary though.

Ralph Hotere White Drip to Mister Paul Holmes (2003)

Interesting who ended up owning it. Image taken from here that does do some explaining

And then there’s this from Banksy. Image from here

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Stuff White People Like – Art

I laugh a lot at this blog, but the entry on Banksy was particularly funny (and apt).

“Keeping up with art is hard; trips to galleries, enormous books, and costly bi-annual magazines are just a few of the many expenses you will incur during the process of attempting to stay current with art. While the challenge and difficult of this proposition would seem to actually attract more white people than dissuade them, the amount of work required to become and remain an expert on art is simply too much for the majority of white people.

Of course there are exceptions such as the people who have invested both their money and their lives into the appreciation of art: people with Art History Degrees. But as you have probably noticed, they have very little value to both you and society.”


So here is some not Banksy that I liked. When life gives you oil spills….

By Priest

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More from the randomiser

I have very little to say about art right now. However when clearing out old baby clothes I found 2 items that resembled Hirst dot paintings. You’d think clothing would lend its self more to random polka dots rather than rows al la Hirst – but there you go. I would have taken a photo but they are so faded that only the pink dots really stand out now.

Banksy takes on Hirst

I am feeling a bit over-whelmed at all the stuff I need to get rid of and I made the observation to a friend that I seem to imbue inanimate objects with emotional qualities. He wryly suggested that, that is what art is about. Ok – I concede that point, but you have draw the line somewhere at what particular objects you become emotionally attached to.

How can you resist a book that begins with this quote from Katherine Mansfield? “Dear Princess Bibesco, I am afraid you must stop writing these little love letters to my husband while he and I live together. It is one of the things that is not done in our world“. Having once had cause to make a similar comment about text messages, I think I know where she was coming from on that one. The book is of course “Uncommon Arrangements” and very good reading.

Finally I’ve been discussing via the comments the issue of blogger psuedonyms with John Hurrell. Having this kind of debate via comments is always tricky and I never seem to be able to convey my meaning very well. I am just hoping some more bloggers become involved. Good to see the comments from others already there.

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What’s Up?

I have been mulling over my 3 Rita’s post and decided to be fair, I need to postpone it until I’ve had a look through the exhibition catalogue. Unfortunately for me this means waiting until my local library delivers (they just ordered a copy for me today). I must say they are very responsive to “Suggestions to buy” and are also getting in Brian Turner’s “Into the Wider World“.

With Hurricane Gustav rolling in, its somewhat timely that Banksy’s latest efforts have focused on New Orleans and now the Deep South.

Say what you like about Banksy, but his art excites me. It’s clever, well executed, insightful, surprising and packs a punch – every time. And yes there are others doing the same, all over the world and its just wonderful.

And in other news: Justin Paton’s terrific little book “How to look at a Painting” is being re-issued in hardback AND “Auckland’s Desert Road Productions has received NZ On Air funding to adapt the book as a 12-part television series to screen on TV1 on Sunday evenings. Paton will narrate the series.” Woohoo!

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