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I noticed

A week (or two?) back I heard about this exhibition on the National station Country Life programme. It is currently on display at the Southland Museum and Art Galleryand I will be there on Sunday or Monday. Woohoo!

Part of Sally Burton’s White Gold – The Business of Milk exhibition at the Suter Gallery in Nelson

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Nothing’s gonna happen

My life has been pretty lacking of late. The constant stop start of my daily life has led to Twitter being an easier forum with 140 characters being easy to get out in between cries of “mmmmmuuuuuuuuuummmmm”. I have also had a lot of writing work on. Thankfully its all paying off with an acceptance letter from a forthcoming publication.

Also my continuing illness has a tentative diagnosis of pneumonia. Woohoo!! So blogging has been taking a back seat.

One thing I want to mention is how I love the blogging/twittering etc of NZ art/cultural institutions. I am amazed and surprised by the open-ness. Wonderful stuff and special mention to the friendly people on twitter behind @TePapaColOnline and @ChChArtGallery. Also Te Papa – all is forgiven because you have the full set of these in your collection :-)

I do wonder why Museum/Art Institution blogs don’t get much in the way of comments. Maybe people just aren’t used to interacting in this way, or like me just feel too dumb and so do a good line in inanity.

Some visual art that has taken my eye recently is a very large 2 part (diptych I suppose) painting in MASH cafe on the Octagon. I am not 100% sure about it as maybe it’s really decor type art, but its big and red and has vague figures in white. Its also on a coarse canvas (maybe even my loved hessian?). This is a poor description and no attribution or anything but I like it.

Finally because nothing much has been happening and NZ Music month is almost over

Tall Dwarfs – Nothing’s Going to Happen

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I noticed

I noticed this amazing piece of art detective work.

I also noticed my town bookstore sells fishing licences.

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NZ Music Month (again)

I promise normal service will resume soon – but in the meantime here is another of my all time favourite songs (NZ or otherwise)

(Song starts about 2mins in)

Billy Bold – by Graham Brazier

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