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It’s been a while.

I’ve been having some conversations about books lately and I’ve found myself drawn back to my bookshelves and re-reading The Architect of Desire: Beauty and Danger in the Stanford White Family for maybe the 5th time. I am not sure why I like this book so much. It is quite well written; a memoir, history, and social commentary.  Also as it centres around Standford White, there is a lot about architecture, from quite a personal viewpoint.

Early on, the author talks about the proportions of a room at her childhood home , the Red Cottage.

Rooms conceived by architects usually convey a sense of relations between people, but the Red Cottage dining room was about internal experiences.”

I found it interesting this time around to read about the experience of architecture. I’ve been thinking a lot about our (my) relationship with the built environment and just with things generally since the Christchurch earthquake. I have no words but some of the best writing around on that topic I have read can be found by Philip Mathews here and Cheryl Bernstein here. There was also this Clairmont image posted on Facebook by son Orlando Clairmont Cathedral Attacked by Demons

Study for Cathedral Attacked by Demons Philip Clairmont (1972?)

Many thanks to Orlando Clairmont for permission to reproduce this image

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