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Here and there

Does Jason Grieg do stencil art?



Cumberland Street, Dunedin (2013)

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Out on the street

Things I’ve seen lately (click image for larger photo).

A walk down Bond Street with my daughter explaining tagging and street art (As best I could)






This neon cow in Mosgiel has long fascinated me. It should be tidied up and preserved.




and this in the window of the local Christian bookstore


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Art for Waitangi Day

Some art I’ve happened to be considering this week seems appropriate to post for Waitangi day. You can figure it out yourself without my commentary though.

Ralph Hotere White Drip to Mister Paul Holmes (2003)

Interesting who ended up owning it. Image taken from here that does do some explaining

And then there’s this from Banksy. Image from here

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I was working on a three-part post about writing (you got part 1) but I won a place on a writing course so will be developing some of my ideas further there.

In the meantime, I found this today and loved it to bits. Multi-level work is so good no matter how its done. Or perhaps simple things just amuse simple minds :-)

Banksy – lifted from Wooster Collective

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Out on the Street

I seem to have been missing any great new street art in Dunedin of late – thank heavens for blogs!

PNTR is always a favourite and was in a recent Manky Chops show. (Why couldn’t I be there!)

But this by Component  is just superb:

Willie Apiata by Component 2010

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  • There is a Seraphine Pick show opening at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery* next week. I had a flyer for it on my desk [ahem – kitchen table] and my nearly 3-year-old wanted to know “what is the horse for?”

Séraphine Pick Girl (with offered eyes) 2004
Private Collection, Auckland

  • Its been REALLY wet here. Thankfully the stop bank I live quite close to, did its job. Not so lucky for some of the Maori Rock Art at Duntroon
  • I find the BP oil spill in the USA horrifying. I suppose at least some good street art stems from it.
  • Once, quite some time ago, I  briefly took up smoking because the place where I worked let smokers have more frequent breaks than us non-smokers. I wish I’d had these instead.

* Please guys, can fix up your website so I can link directly to exhibitions….?

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I’ve been writing.

Full text of my essay in Barry Brickell: Six Spiromorphs can be read here


My review of Martin Edmond’s “Zone of there Marvellous” here. Martin’s latest book is a limited edition of 50 and it sounds like larger works and interesting projects are on the way.

I am working on a new catalogue essay for a show coming up at Brett McDowell Gallery in Dunedin. This will also be published by Kilmog Press. Details to come.

Also Kilmog is the subject of  in this week’s Cultural Curmudgeon column in the Listener (preview: full text available in a couple of weeks).

Am I sounding like an advertisement? Oh well. Here is some Dunedin street art not advertising anything.

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