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Art for Waitangi Day

Some art I’ve happened to be considering this week seems appropriate to post for Waitangi day. You can figure it out yourself without my commentary though.

Ralph Hotere White Drip to Mister Paul Holmes (2003)

Interesting who ended up owning it. Image taken from here that does do some explaining

And then there’s this from Banksy. Image from here

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A new collection

Yes, we all know I am a hoarder – let’s just move on from that….

I have started a new collection. I have been a long time fan of the Flickr group, Thrift Store Art. I don’t hang around on Flickr much these days but I do a lot of op shopping and always keep an eye out.

Recently I picked up this gem for 50c. The price is quite telling. I imagine it is from someone’s high school art portfolio.

(excuse the bad photo)

So here begins – “NZ art knock offs”

I will NOT be paying $1800 for items though so perhaps “Cheap knock-offs of NZ Art”

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Ok, ok ‘love’ might be an exaggeration but the hype surrounding the hosting of the RWC here in New Zealand has brought some good things about. A friend did say that it’s a pity that it takes a sporting event to bring out the good art but hey, why look a gift horse in the mouth eh?

Firstly, and maybe just a coincidence, but the refurbished Auckland Art Gallery has just opened in time for the cup crowds. Apparently it’s a stunner .

In Wellington there is a collaborative exhibition Oceania between the City Gallery and Te Papa. Some of the best of NZ art will be on show. I’d give A LOT  to get to this exhibition – if you can SEE IT!

In my area the Dunedin Public Art Gallery has Fiona Pardington’s The Pressure of Sunlight Falling exhibtion and also the wonderful Hotere/Culbert work Pathway to the Sea – Aramoana on show.

Ralph Hotere and Bill Culbert
Pathway to the Sea – Aramoana 1991(detail)
paua shells, rocks, flourecent tubes.
Collection Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

I think its good that these shows provide some thought-provoking material rather than the postcard tourist variety. None more so (I think) than another local exhibition – Rachael Rakena’ 3D video work Haka Peepshow situated in Dunedin’s Octagon.

“Kaupapa:- Haka Peepshow is a celebration of the diversity of contemporary haka in Maori and broader New Zealand culture. In an era, when the haka is frequently a commercial branding device, this coin-operated peepshow invites viewers to take a fresh look at the haka and to consider it in the broader context of the sexualisation and commodification of Maori sportsmen and the representation of their masculinity and culture in the media.”

OK – it’s taken rugby to get all this art out there but I hope visitors and locals alike take something deeper away from it.

NOTE: Sadly, the Christchurch Art Gallery remains closed but their blog, ‘Bunker Notes’ is very active and always worth reading.

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Today I finally got out to Port Chalmers and the Hotere Sculpture Garden. I’ seen photos. I’d read about it but it was a bit of a let down. I am not sure why. I liked Chris Booth’s Aramoana well enough.

Brick Column Russell Moses & Aramoana Chris Booth (photo © P Dawson)

I think maybe its partly because as a public garden these sculptures have been altered somewhat. Here are some excerts from the website  to explain what I mean:

“This is a site-specific work, the title partly refers to the view of Aramoana previously obtained from the sculpture. Addressing public safety concerns, barbed wire has had to be installed. Originally Aramoana was bedecked with considerably more flotsam and jetsam, including bones and a wind chime.”

“The bar [on top of Brick Column] previously rotated on its own axis in a strong wind as a compass of sorts; it now points to docks area where the bricks originally landed. The column was originally constructed, free standing and self-supporting, but when reconstructed in 2006, was made with mortar in line with public access and safety concerns.”

Black Phoenix II has a sturdy fence around it and I think its a wonder they didn’t “cover up” Shona Rapira Davies ‘They do cut down the poles that hold up the sky’.

Black Phoenix II Ralph Hotere (photo © P Dawson)

The whole history of how this garden ocurred is kind fo sad – the ports and business demolishing art so I guess it is good a middle ground was reached in having this garden at all – one shouldn’t complain.

Back to Black Phoenix II. I gather it is built from the same burnt out boat as Black Phoenix (in the Te Papa Collection). I much much prefer the latter and hope it gets out and seen more. It is an astounding work. I found Black Phoenix II difficult and couldn’t even get a really good photo of it.

Next visit out this way I hope to see the Hotere’s at Carey’s Bay Hotel.

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I started my day with the good intentions of seeing the Hotere: Fellowship exhibition at the Hocken Library. In pouring rain I ventured into Dunedin and stopped check a gallery in Caversham and have a coffee. I love Caversham – its so on the verge of gentrification and if you want to see original villas – this is your suburb. Anyway this made me late to do some exploring and check out the crazy junk/op/2nd hand shops on Princes street. I have to note if you are looking for naive art there is a junk shop full of paintings of this type. All the interesting bits and pieces that in turn made me late to get to the Hocken which closes at 12noon. Oh well….the choices we make..

Shore Party (1999) Tony De Lautour (artist essay here [.pdf])

I realised yesterday that I have played Iz’s “Its a Wonderful World” so much in the car that my youngest daughter (18 months) can now sing all the OoohOoohh bits. I feel like a bad influence – especially now that tonight she has been echoing all the last words in the lines of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’s Its a Heartache” (yes Tony, really!).

Anyway this leads me to my next art/culture dilemma. The Ukulele Orchestra (as above) are playing in Oamaru next Friday. I never caught them in Wellington, Oamaru is 1 1/2 hours away, I am a total fan, tickets are not outrageously priced, someoneiknow (NOT A ukulele fan) jokingly says “I forbid you to go”. What to do…what to do…?

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What’s On

I have been trying to sort out activities for my birthday on Sunday (the BIG 4-0) so I have been looking about for what’s on art-wise.

Hotere – Featuring a range of material from Hocken Collections, it focuses on art that Hotere produced during his time as the Frances Hodgkins Fellow at the University of Otago in 1969. Unfortunately its not open on Sunday – still something to see for sure.

Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Angus, Stitchbury, Campbell, Hodgkins (blah) If only you could go and see the stuff you want to from the collection. It would be nice to see AM’s Chair for my birthday (the first Clairmont I ever saw).

And there I stopped although there is a heap of other stuff about, Sunday isn’t a good day for it really. I will be going to the DPAG after a lovely lunch though.

I might be making a trip to Gore on Wednesday though for this. I am not sure how far it is from here, but it would be a good thing to do before Mr Peryer leaves the vicinity.

In other news I have broadband! But have not yet received my modem, so apparently it will be at least Monday before normal service resumes here. *sigh*

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Round up

I finished my academic work for the year today and it appears my brain is ready to go on holiday so just a round up of some interesting things I’ve found.

Nothing to do at Labour weekend – what about a book reading at KFC in Hawera as part of the One Day Sculpture series? Came a Hot Sundae: A Ronald Hugh Morrieson Festival, Sunday 26 October 2008, 9am-late, Hawera, South Taranaki. I ‘d be there if I was in the vacinity.

Further on the subject of books, I am reading (well looking at) a great book right now. The Desire of the Line: Ralph Hotere Figurative Works. Its lovely. I have also been thinking there should be a Volume II of “Between the Lives” and this book by Jacky Bowring looks particularly good.

Woman(1970) Ralph Hotere

I also enjoyed this speech by Chris Price from the Going West Books and Writers Festival. I have decided I really must make more of an effort to get to festivals and exhibitions when I move South. I perhaps haven’t made enough of local opportunities here.

On that note the Real Art Road Show has a new selection of works, now on show at the Mahara Gallery and I really must go back to Colbalt before I leave.

And finally I may be eating my words when I have been a bit sneering about the plethora of Kapiti Island images around here. This may just be the subject of a artwork I will next be purchasing, although Sheldon Swears had some great photos of the Paekakariki Railway buildings.

And don’t worry – I’ll get ‘back on topic’ and stop obsessing about moving soon, when I actually get super busy with the logistics probably.

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