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Funny things about the internet (1) LOL cats don’t make me laugh anymore.

My (not so) new job keeps me busy and nights shifts put me in a very weird zone.  However I do get to travel and recently (well ok in March) I managed to fit in a 20 minute run around the City Gallery in Wellington after a day seminar. I got to see this which included some things I’ve seen before (eg Eddie Clemens’ nets) but the context of a new location is always amazing. I think I last saw “Ritual” at Te Papa. Of course it didn’t happen but I like to think of it trundling down the streets between Te Papa and City Gallery in the dead of night.

Funny thing about the internet (2) Since seeing this I have been collecting pictures of Fabiola.

I like Martin Thompsons work and managed to get to an exhibition here of 5 old/5 new works. I also managed to find a new A3 coloured (NOT black) file folder for Martin. I consider this my art triumph of the year.

Martin Thompson opening bubbly at Brett McDowall’s (poor quality phone camera photo)

Funny/interesting thing about the internet (3) Anything on outpost written by Ron Brownson deserves your attention.

Exciting things are happening and due to some very good fortunate I will be back in Wellington for 3 days in August to present at a conference. My dance card is filling fast but I plan to do some more running around the galleries.

An empty dance card

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Seems like it might be time to send out a dove. Although the flood waters got VERY close to us, “lapping at the top of the stop-bank”, the rain eased and we seem to be ok. The lake in our back yard has drained away even. It’s a relief!

I still haven’t got any non-household work done today…but I’ve been thinking about Dora Carrington – not sure why. Maybe because I read an article about Emma Thompson this morning (when I grow up I want to be her) and she played Carrington in the marvellous film.

I found this post which has some amazing images, including this photo:

Carrington, -?-, Lytton Strachey

Which for some reason reminds me of this one:

(click for larger image – please excuse bad scanning)

I love Anne Hamblett (later Anne McCahon) in the centre of the picture. She’s gorgeous! And that little comment brings me to another realisation I’ve had recently. I am fascinated by all the little biographical details of the people/artists I research. After long discussions with some pretty serious art historians I can see that these details don’t always affect the reading of a work but I find them enthralling. Alternatively, I know several people who just don’t want to know anything about “the lives of the artists” at all. Takes all types I guess….  :-)

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The Things I’ve seen

I have been slack of late reporting on art I’ve seen. I have this problem … what to say when things aren’t bad , but they aren’t stunning either???? I will try to work though it here in these notes.

Beloved – Dunedin Public Art Gallery
Like Brought to Light at the Christchurch Art Gallery, this is a new hang from the collection. It’s bold. It’s NOT subtle. Mostly it works. Great analysis here at EyeContact (see my comment also). An excellent speech at the opening from Hamish Keith. Incredibly sad about how AMs chair was ‘reduced’ by the Judy Millar beside it, mind you it takes a bit to subdue a Clairmont.

Eddie Clemens – Delusional Architecture. Hocken Library Dunedin
The show from his 2009 year as Frances Hodgkins fellow. I’ve seen some of his other work and liked it much better. I hate saying that about art because it’s a touch of “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff’. This show though….I couldn’t make the connections from the artist’s statement with the actual work. Its seemed tired and jaded (maybe that was the point) I liked the shopping trolley photos with fluorescent tubes as handles best – maybe because I spend a lot of time pushing a trolley. Just because I dont’ get it doesn’t mean its bad though. Go and see for yourself.

Martin Thompson – 5 New Works  Brett McDowell Gallery
Actually I liked the newer stuff here. Its art you need time with. I liked it. I really liked the ones where the tiny blocks of graph paper had been cut out to fix ‘mistakes’ leaving a kind of signature on the paper.

Martin Thompson – Untitled

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I had a rather surreal experience recently. Last Saturday morning I had the pleasure of sitting in a dealer gallery going through ‘a bunch’* of artworks, happily working out titles and discussing writing for a proposed catalogue for a show. A few people wandered in and almost warily checked out the current show (Martin Thompson) and scuttled off again.

Even a year ago I was too scared to enter a dealer gallery. When I lived in the Wellington region I really wanted to go to Peter McLeavey’s but just couldn’t make myself climb those stairs. Is there such a thing as a phobia of dealer galleries??? I did force myself into Milford Galleries to see a Nigel Brown show because, unfashionable though it may be, I like his work. It was worth it. The scariest part was the desk right by the door manned by “an older gentleman” who have to say was rather frosty looking. I guess he knew I don’t have the money to buy a Brown. The same blog post I noted how I really wanted to go into Brett McDowell’s but scurried past, intimidated by the Hoteres.

Times change….

I guess my point is that I encourage people just to get into the galleries – public or dealer. Once you are over the threshold, its great. I don’t imagine everyone is as paranoid as I am but to the “outsider” these places can be very intimidating.  I guess there are a lot of tyre kickers, but you know, an interest in art today might develop into buying later in life.

I suppose I was being a bit vampiritic, having to be asked in to these places but it has been so worth it. Maybe some galleries are more welcoming to others. I was talking to a ‘dealer’ recently who said apart from selling art he felt he had a responsibility just to promote art in general. I thought that was pretty enlightened :-)

For the sake of an image – I am very fond of this Don Driver that lurks in the backroom of Brett McDowell’s

Babysnatcher – Don Driver

*Is there a collective noun for art? If there is a ‘real’ one please comment and if not I will give out a real life prize to the most inventive one in comments.

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