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A candle lit

I am sick – in fact me and ALL the kids are sick. Is any poltical party promising sick leave for stay-at-home-mother’s? ‘Cos I would vote for that….Oh and I am going to have a GREAT post on fever-induced hallucinations when I am feeling better.

Anyway – there are people out there more in need than I so for my dear friends who I thought about a lot today – here’s the promised candle. I hope it went well.

Normal service will be resumed asap

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That will be all

This is all I have to say today

From the streets of Ann Arbor MI

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Where’s the art?

You may have noticed that visual art has been thin on the ground here lately. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it but today I came across this article about “reader’s block

Alain de Botton, writes “I often go through periods when I feel a need to take stock, think and generally not read very much. My mind isn’t blank, just too dense with thoughts that need untangling.  Sometimes I can’t “get into” any books, usually because I’m at a stage of forming a set of interests. So I feel as if nothing interests me, when in fact, I’m just growing into an interest. Forcefeeding books is as risky as forcefeeding food. One has to let the appetite arise naturally – and the constant pressure to read new prizewinning books can give one an unhealthy sense of guilt about periods when the mind is just idle – as it needs to be regularly to digest experiences.

So I think maybe I have the visual art equivalent – “viewer’s block“, I just don’t want to look at anything and am feeling quite jaded. I can tell, because I committed a contemporary art ‘crime’ this week when reading John Hurrell’s review of Richard Maloy: Yellow Grotto/Raw Material at Sue Crockford and going “Oh for goodness sake – really”. How close-minded of me, but butter? I mean really? Some post-modernist comment on globalism and corporate giants like Fonterra – or just butter? I am just too tired to think about it.

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Following on from yesterday’s theme – I found this today

From: Into The Wider World(link is a .pdf) by Brian Turner

I have decided I really need to get out and see some more exhibitions. The old petrol price has prevented me going very far but I NEED to see the Rita Angus thing and I am supposed to be going into town for catch up with friends and maybe dinner in early August so maybe then and I can kill many birds with one stone – or shotgun – or something….

Dead Birds and Hunting Gearby Willem van Aelst

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