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I noticed

I noticed a story about another residency (and another place by the sea).

The family of poet Hone Tuwhare, is worried their father’s Kaka Point home may be lost to future generations of artists and writers as its mortgage comes due. Since Tuwhare died in January last year, his son Rob Tuwhare has been looking for an “appropriate person” to assist him in setting up a trust to buy the house and establish it as a retreat for artists and writers in residence.

Hone Tuwhare at Kaka Point (1988) Ans Westra

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Showing in all the best artworks

I read this recently from Kaka Point by Hone Tuwhare

“…The power-pole is festooned
with a choir of singing wires – a Kiwi Landscape
of classical distinction. Second–rate artists
Leave it out of their pictures, altogether.”

and now I am seeing phone and power lines in all the best artworks.

Fog, Hawkes Bay – Rita Angus

Others I can think of are by Gopas, Lusk, Frizzell, Nigel Brown, Lois White. I have an idea Hotere or Driver may have worked with actual poles/lines (can anyone confirm?). On a quick scout I was surprised I couldn’t find them in McCahon or Woolaston though. Any other examples would be greatly received in the comments ….

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At a distance

In grey winter days – what art is there unless you seek it out? It is times of “art is where you find it” but sometimes you need to dig deep. A friend describes hanging his surfboard on the wall as art, I find favourite paintings on book covers ( including Agnes Wood’s “The Committee”) and beauty in nappies flapping on the line. Other friends use the weather to stay inside and craft and make art industriously. The children make play dough art which I then have to dig out of the carpet….

In the big world, grumbling continues about the NZ Venice Biennale presence and CNZ, and the Montana books which all seems so distant while I struggle to write or finish anything I start to read (the library fines are building up). So this is writers block huh…?

Winter maybe is a time for quiet contemplation, but I can do without the existential angst!. So something to contemplate.

Rain – Hone Tuwhare

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One of those days

Overheard in a department store today “Well I guess there’s nothing else to do on a wet Sunday but shop“.  That statement annoys me on so many levels. If rain defines you (as per Tuwhare), then maybe the fact that rain makes these people shop, defines them? At least I had a reasonable excuse for being there. However the day didn’t improve much from then, but I’ll spare you the details.

My head hurts so I am going to eat some more chocolate and just bring you some things that have caught my eye this week.

I found an excellent article from Ali Bramwell “Occupying the Pavement: Public Art” While the subject dates back a bit, I have fallen HARD for this type of art.

“…the Dunedin Beautification Project (2006) by Matt Gillies. Without warning or any discussion with council the artist had gradually replaced a number of existing functional aluminium plates (part of the city’s water and gas infrastructure, designed to allow maintenance access) with image and message bearing alternatives. The process Gillies followed was to ‘liberate’ a single plate at a time, melt it down, then recasting it to his own satisfaction and replacing it where he got it from.”

Matt Gillies, Dunedin Beautification Project (installation detail), Dunedin City, 2006.

On the same theme, the Wooster Collective always has interesting stuff, I loved these inflatable sculptures on subway air vents (yes I know animal art again).

The Art Life came up with this work by Mai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi, Paths are made by walking. “In order to determine whether the above phrase was actually true, Yamashita and Kobayashi kept running in a park for 5 days”. The video is really good.

Today there was to be “Mass Cloud Watching – Human Art Work:  watch clouds as a mass while I photograph you”. I am asuming it was rained out but looks like something interesting if you are in Auckland when they try next time (April 22).

I’ve also been spending some time on Flickr, where there is lots of fun stuff.  The Banksy group is good and I found some excellent photography of ‘Wellington – abandoned’ which I may follow up to get some local ‘industrial rust’ photos. The whole flickr site is kind of a weird concept though to my mind. Its life on display. .. to the extreme.

I’ve realised just how much the internet is my window to the world but I do need to get out more and see.more.art. I’ve come to the conclusion that its all about planning. I have one morning a week that’s mostly free so I’ve decided that I will go into Wellington once every 2-3 weeks, otherwise I will miss all the things I’m wanting to see. So I will forgo every 2nd long black to acheive this aim (yeah right). Sometimes delays bring good things though. I hadn’t got around to seeing “Reboot” at the City Gallery but I noticed that a special collectors tour is happening on 4th May, so I’ll go then.

One Wet Sunday  – Barry Payne

I love this picture of The Terrace. It also shows 2 buildings I worked in when I was Ms Corporate IT person too (a whole different life).

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