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Ray of Light

It has been gloomy. I’ve been doing a little research about memory and the things we remember with and it led onto an exploration of loss; loss of our memory anchors, the objects of memory, our built memory. You cannot consider these things without sadness and frustration especially when you read things like this and this.

However today I received some slightly heartening news,  if trivial in comparison.

In terms of subject matter, most of Clairmont’s major series are implied in this set of drawings: there are chairs, tabletops, doorways, windows, a fireplace; with the exception of his nudes and self portraits, these compromise his major preoccupations. It is not an exaggeration to say that Clairmont spent the rest of his life exploring implications and possibilities he discovered in the sitting room of 26 Hereford Street

From “The Resurrection of Philip Clairmont” by Martin Edmond, (1999), Pg 130

I had the opportunity to enquire about the post-quake status of 26 Hereford Street and was sent this photo taken just this morning (thanks N.).

A brilliant example of work done in the front downstairs room and showing the bowed windows can be found here a typical scene for Clairmont done at night, illuminated by electric light.

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Large Works

I didn’t go to the opening of Milford Gallery’s “Large Works”, but I happened to walk past today and spied this through the window.

It really is LARGE…framed size (v x h): 2570 x 1960 mm

See it if you can.

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Two weeks ago, I met and had a coffee with Paul Reynolds when he was down here in Dunedin. I was absolutely shocked to hear of his death this past Sunday. As that was the first time I’d met Paul, although we’d chatted on twitter and Facebook, I am not equipped to talk of him but there is a wonderful tribute here with links to others. It is a great loss for New Zealand.

What impressed me at our meeting apart from his passion and enthusiasm, was his ability to see the ‘big picture’. One of the many things we discussed, was my wish for an ability to search across all public and corporate art collections that are online from one point.

Today I was looking for a specific photograph by Marti Friedlander, so I thought I would give NZMuseums a try instead of go to each gallery/museum/collection website. I came up with two  photos, but not the one I wanted. I suspected a copy of the photo I was looking for was held by the Christchurch Art Gallery, but although linked to NZMuseums, they only had 21 searchable artworks.

I then thought I’d give the search functionality at DigitalNZ a go and I got 188 hits that had images and third on the list was the one I was looking for.

Paul Reynolds was heavily involved with Digital NZ and strongly encouraged institutions to get their collections online. I was very impressed by what worked for me today and can only hope the momentum keeps going and more and more items can be accessed in this way.

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Hangin’ with art

So I had this idea that I would blog more this year…hahahaha. Still working at the kitchen table and about to sign up for another year in my little house, I remain deskless. But enough excuses.

In my survey of this house I was reminded about the picture hooks EVERYWHERE from the previous occupants. My question is what sort of art do you hang in your laundry, bathroom, loo? Maybe this for above the washing machine?

Clothesline in the Nor-Wester (1973) Philip Clairmont

As an aside , recently one of the kids was hit on the head by a large falling painting. Has anyone really been killed by art?

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