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In the teeth of a gale

As promised I visited the Regan Gentry teeth. It was a gorgeous day on Saturday (my camera didn’t cope too well with the sun) I’d dropped someoneiknow off at his rugby game in town and had the car loaded with the kids so off we went.

There are 2 sets of 3 teeth (molars) carved from blocks of Oamaru stone  and set into pinkish gravel. Not set in very far which could indicate severe gum problems.

The teeth are supposedly set at the head/mouth of the harbour although I’d say that is arguable (I am such a nit-picker).

Now I have to say I think the whole idea is dumb. Intellectually, I feel that I shouldn’t like these and yet I do. So do my kids.

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Art is where you find it

Even in your kids books. Here are two pages from “The Happy Rag” by Tony Ross. It seems the central action takes place at the foot of a Henry Moore. We’ve had this book for years and I’ve only just noticed it.

(Apologies – bad day with the scanner)

It is one of these sculptures though isn’t it?

Reclining figure from sculpture.net

The Three Piece Reclining Figure: Draped in Kew Gardens

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A little while back I found this sculpture in the local gardens. I love it to bits and was a little concerned that being where it is, that one day it might just disappear.

I decided to contact the Otago Sculpture Trustand was subsequently contacted by Peter Nicholls, sculptor and Chairperson of the OST.  After some discussion of where the piece was and total lack of record of it, Peter recently took up the challenge to come and visit it.

I am very heartened to hear that for a start the sculture is still there (it was slated to be removed 2 years ago) and it is possibly going to be ‘taken under the wing’ of the sculpture trust.


© P Dawson (2009)

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Today I finally got out to Port Chalmers and the Hotere Sculpture Garden. I’ seen photos. I’d read about it but it was a bit of a let down. I am not sure why. I liked Chris Booth’s Aramoana well enough.

Brick Column Russell Moses & Aramoana Chris Booth (photo © P Dawson)

I think maybe its partly because as a public garden these sculptures have been altered somewhat. Here are some excerts from the website  to explain what I mean:

“This is a site-specific work, the title partly refers to the view of Aramoana previously obtained from the sculpture. Addressing public safety concerns, barbed wire has had to be installed. Originally Aramoana was bedecked with considerably more flotsam and jetsam, including bones and a wind chime.”

“The bar [on top of Brick Column] previously rotated on its own axis in a strong wind as a compass of sorts; it now points to docks area where the bricks originally landed. The column was originally constructed, free standing and self-supporting, but when reconstructed in 2006, was made with mortar in line with public access and safety concerns.”

Black Phoenix II has a sturdy fence around it and I think its a wonder they didn’t “cover up” Shona Rapira Davies ‘They do cut down the poles that hold up the sky’.

Black Phoenix II Ralph Hotere (photo © P Dawson)

The whole history of how this garden ocurred is kind fo sad – the ports and business demolishing art so I guess it is good a middle ground was reached in having this garden at all – one shouldn’t complain.

Back to Black Phoenix II. I gather it is built from the same burnt out boat as Black Phoenix (in the Te Papa Collection). I much much prefer the latter and hope it gets out and seen more. It is an astounding work. I found Black Phoenix II difficult and couldn’t even get a really good photo of it.

Next visit out this way I hope to see the Hotere’s at Carey’s Bay Hotel.

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Art is where you find it

I found this yesterday in a corner of the local “Memorial Gardens”

c P Dawson 2009

I think it is a fountain and I wondered if someone just stuck some slabs together or whether it was ‘designed’. Either way I think it looks great when not being an active fountain. The pointless little brick wall in front detracts a bit though.

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One Day Sculpture

The little known final event in the One Day Sculpture series

Mosgiel 16 June 2009

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I had a dream

I think I’ve been blogging too much. Last night I dreamt about art – not weird in its self but it was more about galleries and collectors than art.

I was in a gallery on a tour, or maybe I worked there, but it was a gallery and outdoor sculpture park) of a private collector. Anyway the ‘crowd pleaser’ was a whole corner of the gallery inverting and flipping over, very similar to Richard Wilson’s Floating wall – which is awesome (below).

Maybe I need a holiday or maybe I’d just I’d like to see more of this kind of public artwork.

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