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Urban Petroglyphs

I came across this today. Given my love of rock art, I found it rather wonderful.

(Picture courtesy of the artist)

See Kevin Sudeith’s website here

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  • There is a Seraphine Pick show opening at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery* next week. I had a flyer for it on my desk [ahem – kitchen table] and my nearly 3-year-old wanted to know “what is the horse for?”

Séraphine Pick Girl (with offered eyes) 2004
Private Collection, Auckland

  • Its been REALLY wet here. Thankfully the stop bank I live quite close to, did its job. Not so lucky for some of the Maori Rock Art at Duntroon
  • I find the BP oil spill in the USA horrifying. I suppose at least some good street art stems from it.
  • Once, quite some time ago, I  briefly took up smoking because the place where I worked let smokers have more frequent breaks than us non-smokers. I wish I’d had these instead.

* Please guys, can fix up your website so I can link directly to exhibitions….?

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Rock on

On my journey South I actually did get to visit another rock art site. I was keen to see the Frenchman’s Gully Birdmen. I have to report they were startlingly similar to the Sanitarium glasses. The site is easy to find and has good access so I am pleased they remain in good repair (apart from the chalk and crayon). I thinkthese figures were enhanced/ruined by the Olliver party rather than Schoon. You can see from my photo below, there have been more recent additions as well.


At a guess I’d say there are a lot more drawings around this area but time and small children prevented me from exploring further.

Today I also added to my collection of rock art memorabilia* (see below). Say what you like about the general tackiness but I think its a step up from chipping the drawings off and having them in a museum. Actually if a drawing was in imminent danger of  being destroyed by the elements maybe that would be an acceptable course of action?


*No I don’t intend to wear it

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We tomorrow the packers/movers come so service here may intermittent for the next while. I have finished organising (I think) and now my evil plans need to fall into place.

One thing we will be doing on our journey South is further exploration of Southern Rock Art sites. Every trip to the South we try and take in one site and this time we’ve picked Frenchman’s Gully because of ease of access (I hope). I had wanted to see Weka Pass but its a bit of a trek with the kids. Any how I am hoping to see the bird men in person rather than on my old Sanitarium glasses.


Looking at that I wonder if there is any peanut butter jar influence on Bill Hammond.

So I’ve got out my reference books and the McDougall Art Gallery publication on the Theo Schoon Interpretations. If any one has other suggestions of easily accessible sites not far from State Highway One – please comment.

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