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A New Year

Just about everyone I know has had an awful 2009. Roll on 2010 I say.

Sunrise on New Years Day, Hiroshige

I am hoping it doesn’t snow here tomorrow, but it did hail yesterday!

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Christmas Wishes

I am meant to be writing about Beloved at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, but I need a nice long uninterrupted thinking period for that and it’s just not happening in the Christmas rush. I will however tell you a little story stemming from that exhibition.

One section of the exhibition focusses on the spiritual, and in a  smaller corridor space are some lovely ‘Madonna and Child’ paintings. I heard it referred to as ‘the Christmas corner’, however central to this display is a large McCahon – The five wounds of Christ no. 3: Veronica. When I saw it, I thought it was just wrong having such a large reminder of the crucifixion after all the little babies. But then the next day my brother, who is a minister, sent me his weekly sermon (not that I am in any way associated with the church). This focussed on Mary’s knowledge of how things would end for her baby, even before his birth. In this context, the arrangement made complete sense. I hope this was what the curators intended, but I somehow doubt it. Hurray for happy accidents?

Not that I am trying to sermonise. Its just how yet again – art makes you think. Also DPAG has an amazing collection of historic art, including this one

ZANOBI MACHIAVELLI Madonna and Child (c.1460) Collection of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

 So onwards to Christmas, and after seeing this (see picture #7) in the last few days, I came up with my Christmas Art Wish – to see all 3 Clairmont Fireplaces together again. As far as I know, one is in the Auckland Art Gallery, one in private hands and one at Christchurch Art Gallery.

What is your Christmas ART wish?

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Exhibition opening today at Brett McDowell Gallery and also the launch of this beautiful handcrafted hardcover catalogue by Kilmog Press. Oh – and I wrote the foreward :-)


Catalogue available for purchase at Brett McDowell Gallery or Parsons Bookshop, Auckland. Thanks to Kilmog Press for the images.

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I just got the info about the new book and exhibition “Beloved: Works from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery“.

Why am I so excited? Because what might be my all time favourite painting, AMs Chair by Phil Clairmont will be back on show (well its on the book cover anyway)

Beloved: Works from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery opens 12 December 2009

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