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Poetry Day

It’s New Zealand National Poetry Day. I wish I knew of some visual arts poems but I don’t. I did however, VERY much like this poem from Mark Young though who kindly let me post it here:

A line from Courtney Love

English newspapers
laced up their tennis
shoes, Real Madrid
went on another goal

spree, the strife-prone
household insulation
program turned on
its heel & headed to

a park; but not even
a change in appetite &
toilet habits can stop
the generally low inter-

city mobility of urban
populations. So. We
drowned them all in
their swimming pools.

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In the doldrums

Well it really has been the doldrums around here. I like this word – and its defintion “an unhappy listlessness” and the alternative seafaring meaning its much better than “The Intertropical Convergence Zone” isn’t it? 

As I have said, I am a collector by nature (others may say its OCD) and I also collect words. Frame’s book has got me pondering words even more. I came across ‘resplendance’ the other day and an associated poem by Mark Young. “There/is a colour/ that moves”  – wonderful stuff.  I was thinking of this in terms of a Milan Mrkusich painting I saw in Elva Betts “New Zealand Art: A Modern Perspective” today. Also Dragan Stojanovic’s work. Of course they don’t show up well on the web but there is definitely movement there.

Bought a small print today as I need some focus for some work I am doing. I don’t know if its art – so much symbolism maybe its simply illustration. But I was looking for symbolism – it was a purchase requirement. There seem to be some who object to symbolism in art – not sure why that is. Isn’t art in itself symbolic? And so we are back to that old “what is art?” question.

I’ll give a little example. Here is the type of work that inspires “that’s not art” comments. Saw it at Te Papa a while back. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. My then-4-year-old was mesmerised and drew pictures of it ‘talking’ to her for days after. Maybe she ‘got it’?

Bruce – deranged  Sean Kerr

Well the brain is a fried after finally getting out an academic article for peer review. I think tomorrow as a treat I need to resurrect some art work from the Tardis (my garage). They say you don’t know a work until you live with it for a while, so for me when its gone, I miss it like a absent friend.

Question for the day: Labour appears to have done a lot for the arts over their term in government – what was it like under National?

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