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I am currently looking at the possibility of returning to the provinces. OK, I am already halfway there but being only 45 mins from the Capital with good public transport makes it not quite feel so isolated.

Its not all bad of course. It is quite possible that I can even return to a Plischke suburb [.pdf file] which the nearest I’ll probably ever get to living in one of his houses, its a University town, has a reasonable gallery, many friends live there and just how often do I get into Wellington anyway? Also as a friend said, they do have the Internet there.

But, I also quite like my current seaside existence even if one geographical feature heavily dominates the landscape and the artwork.

Waikanae (1951) Rita Angus

Of course nothing is definite yet so I shall just keep “deaccessioning” and packing.

There is a lot of debate about how surroundings and domicle impact on people psychologically and I guess this is often reflected in art as well. For example McCahon’s Titirangi, Muriwai etc. Woolaston’s Nelson, Ronnie van Hout’s Christchurch house(s). There should be a travel guide to artistic NZ like the defunct literary one. Now there’s a project, in two volumes (art and literature), entertainingly written, hansomely photographed – anyone in?

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