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Creativity is me

I am no artist, or crafter and only really manage to sew in a straight line if I concentrate so today’s big challenge was homemade Halloween costumes for the kidlets. Luckily bat wings are easily made from a $2 shop umbrella (even if you have to paint out the tartan pattern on the nylon) and an old sheet = a happy 3-year-old ghost.

However this got me thinking how cool Halloween costumes might be made from some of our ‘darker artists’ – actually take your pick of any artist. Although this sprang to mind pretty instantly. Ronnie van Hout I hear you say? Well some things are just too disturbing for children.

I am not big on the whole Halloween event really though because its so American and at completely the wrong time of the year for us in the Southern Hemisphere. I mean really its Beltane here and dancing around a ‘may’ pole seems more seasonal. Also isn’t Guy Fawkes so much cooler?

The Magic Circle(1886) by John William Waterhouse

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