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Hard work

I have worked really hard today so instead of a blog post I will treat you to a YouTube clip of my own personal “entrance music”

Ukuleles RULE! (sorry Merc – you might prefer this one which is lovely)

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From wandering to drifting?? Well that’s just how it is right now….

Inspired by my friend Merc, I’ve been a) listening to more music in the last few days and b) trying new things. I’ve had a ukulele for a while and am a fan of The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra. I saw their their CD today so I’ve decided that I really am going to learn to play. And I can say my life has now changed  as I have seen/heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” played on the Uke. With this and my new glasses arriving yesterday, the world is showing itself to me in a whole different way. Has this anything to do with art – well maybe if you look here. I kind of like the idea of getting hot-rod flames put on mine.

Painted Ukulele by Christoph Mueller

Actually it makes me think how much I like art on everyday objects – or art of the everyday

I have Utu and Vigil to watch this weekend – that will be fun!

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