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I guess I am more of a Solstice person than a Christmas one…still there’s plenty of Christmasy art around (and much less of the Solstice variety).

I found this interesting list when looking for a particular image. I couldn’t find what I was thinking of – a vague memory of the perfect Madonna and child but I did like this one:

The Small Cowper Madonna, c. 1505 Raphael

I like Mary’s expression, tiredness, sadness maybe. Although she isn’t looking at the child, its seems to me to be a mother’s face. They are both very blonde though…

All in all I guess you can’t go wrong on this subject matter when done by any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

My 5-year-old daughter asked me today why there were no pictures of Jesus around even though its Christmas – good point actually. Too many Santas if you ask me. I wonder if there is a collective noun for Santas? A sleigh? A flurry?

Whatever tomorrow means to you and yours, try to relax and enjoy it.

I leave you with Dylan Thomas – A Child’s Christmas in Wales and “the close and holy darkness”

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This has been such a weird week. I have been wandering around in a post operative fog (thanks M. for making me feel better about that) and trying to get some logistical things moving on the relocation front – trying too hard maybe. It does concern me when relocation companies lose emails and have impossible telephone systems. This is where I need a very patient PA who can make these arrangements for me (and find a decent house to go to as well).

On the ‘art’ front and the interests of trying to de-stress, I’ve been reading about Dylan Thomas after seeing the movie “The Edge of Love” in the weekend. The film had good and bad points, but I kept thinking the female leads were horribly miscast. I have no basis for this opinion though but Sienna Miller didn’t seem “weighty” enough to play Caitlin in many respects. When hunting around with google there were lots of opinions from people who knew the Thomas’s which were an interesting read, including this great piece by Nicholas Monson. I’ve also just got Caitlin Thomas’ sober autobiography “Double Drink Story” to read – sobering in itself – and read some yesterday while listening to my favourite album – Cannonball Adderley featuring Miles Davis “Somethin’ Else” (1958) – Autumn Leaves is sublime. 

As for Thomas himself and his work – this is good and I thank him for some words yesterday which resonated for me “The close and holy darkness” .

thomasI like this portrait of Thomas by his brother-in-law Rupert Shephard (1940). It strikes me as a little like Dora Carrington’s painting of Lytton Strachey. A closer look can be found here (The National Portrait Gallery)

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