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Keep on Trekking

Well here we are . Post #100 and nothing very startling to write. I have been a bit preoccupied getting an assignment off in the post and torturing people with the following piece of my own wisdom

“I figure modern poetry is a bit like contemporary art – who is to say what is valid or not? If you can park a Trekka at the Biennale and call it art then well….pretty much anything you write could be called a poem and certainly literature.”

If you’ve been on the recieving end – sorry. And to be honest my family owned a Trekka at one point.

Michael Stevenson – This is Trekka

All sorts of interesting stuff has been appearing on my feed reader and in my inbox. I am very ‘aware’ of street and guerilla art right now so Wooster Collective has been making my day, but Overspray pointed me to this, the Inner City Snail Project and the best tagging images yet.

And for those of you who ARE interested in preserves (and the chutney for poetry project), I am at the stage of doing a final clean on the very hard to find jars and making my own labels. Fruit and vege prepped and ready.

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I was at my favourite cafe today when I noticed that a painting I really liked that had been there for an age (and I was quietly thinking of saving up for) had gone. I didn’t think so much of the replacement. Anyway the painting I liked was called “Motu Motu” and by the artist Jon Stevenson
Jon in front of Motu Motu

The thing that is good about a regular cafe is that they almost have your long black waiting as you walk in the door – or a Romano in the weekends! Casa Java also serves fair trade coffee which totally blew my cutting down plan by drinking only fair trade. Now if only they had fair trade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe my life would be complete.

I’ve been reading some design books this week. Firstly “Crown Lynn: New Zealand Icon” by Valerie Ringer Monk. I just keep thinking that I grew up with this stuff and some of it is gross. My mother would be amazed that it is now so collectible. She got a set of ‘Autumn Splendour’ as wedding gift I believe or maybe a little later – anyway it was slowing disappearing when I came on the scene and replaced with Fleurette.


The other book is 40 Legends of New Zealand Design by Douglas Lloyd Jenkins and its a bit of a revelation. Again its very familiar territory but the significance of some of these people had been a bit lost on me. Another book to add to the “must buy one day” list. I might have to start another page here for that – or at least a link to an Amazon wishlist. Actually forget Amazon – I’m trying to buy books via Goodbooks if possible now but to be honest, I don’t buy very many books at all. Thankfully my library has accepted another list of recommendations from me recently (including the new Angus one).

Speaking of books I picked up two good 2nd hand ones today Below the Surface: words and images in protest at French testing on Moruroa  and Landfall 208. Both have inscriptions, which is something I love. I suppose unless its from the author they devalue a book, but don’t you ever wonder who “Ethel, Christmas 1947” was? Anyway the copy of Landfall had an inscription on the cover from Fiona Kidman which is funny considering the contents.

My recent obsession with Plischke houses (still haven’t located Eve Page’s) led someone to point out to me the latest “Home New Zealand” magazine which features two quite amazing mid century houses – worth a look!


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