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Ok Ok – I am a slack blogger but it’s the holidays and in a week my entire household will be packed into a truck – did I mention I am stressed?

I was thinking how slack I’ve been in regard to local arts – some might say ‘dismissive’  (actually they have). The Mahara Gallery is my local and I could have been more supportive. For a tiny underfunded gallery they do some pretty good shows. I was an idiot and missed the 2nd version of “the Real Art Road Show” there recently too. I see Matt Couper has a piece in it too which I would have liked to see. He was also the recent (very polite) recipient of an odd email from me (meant for another Matt) regarding a comparison of Star Wars to the Bible.

This is just indicative of the odd conversations I’ve been having lately

Topics include:
What is punk? Was Patti Smith punk ?(after seeing “The Blank Generation“)
Is the ukulele “deeply uncool”? Even after seeing this ? (hat tip Tony)
Star Wars, Tolkein, The Bible – contrast and compare
Best rock band of each decade from 1960’s to 2000’s
Why are Dunedin rental agents so awful?

Stemming from this I give you these gems

[The  rock band] debate could be like best religion or best pasta shape. Do you count non-theistic belief systems and gluten-free pasta? John Keys – saviour or admission of failure? Longboards, shortboards, bodyboards, body surfing or crowd surfing?…Rolling Stones or Beatles? Ginger or Mary Ann? Frida or Agnetha? Toss or Colin? ” – TC

“I heard those comparisons, too, but I don’t think they are so obvious. Plus, I don’t think people would accept a Hobbit as their Lord and Saviour! “– MB

India put the problems of suburban Palmy in perspective”. – TC

“I for one would welcome our Hobbit overlords”– Eusa

I’ve also come across a blog recently that is like hearing one side of a very personal conversation. Why?

I actually have many regrets about things I have not been able to do before leaving Wellington  – oh well. I’ll just put on Mr Vicious and Co and their version of My Way instead.

Dee Dee Ramone’s portrait of Sid

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