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Finally I get around to blogging this! Its been, as they say, a week of it!

First I should thank my sponsors. Flying around the place to look at art is not something I do routinely. In fact I realised the last time I was away from home over night without my kids was 3 year ago and that was work related. I had been saving up Flybuys points so I could get to Christchurch to see their big three winter exhibitions and ended up with only enough for a one way flight. I had considered an overnight bus option for return but I was incredibly lucky to win my return airfare via the AirpointsFairy on Twitter. Then I decided that I would splash out on my overnight trip and stay at a hotel rather than someones couch. The plan was quiet, non-kid interrupted sleep, writing and reading time. An e-friend had recommended HotelSo and I got a great deal on a  room there.

I have to say this is a VERY cool little Hotel. It’s very central and was also a bit of colour in what I found to be a very grey Christchurch. The rooms are small (not quite a pod concept) but have more than everything you need. I was particularly interested in the design aspects – all created in house for this hotel. The bathroom modules are a great execution of the idea of form and function (I want one!). I was a bit worried that I might be too old and boring for this reportedly ‘funky’ hotel but not at all. The kind of place that had a young farmers event and a punk band staying at the same time – and you’d never know.  Hotel SO is excellent value – I’d stay again in an instant. Oh and a shout out to the lovely service manager Chris who was a great help!

The pretty colours of my hotel – note the contrast with the GREY

Christchurch itself was a bit of a shock. I haven’t spent much time there for maybe 10 years but I’d forgotten the conformity, the grey, the little walls and everything in the central city so contained. Even the public art blended in. Thank heavens for the tiny bit of colour on Neil Dawson’s Chalice sculpture in the square. Regan Gentry’s Flour Power also seemed to flat and conservative and yet again – GREY.  Nucleus by Phil Price which was near my hotel, was at least a bit brighter but what is it with all the pointy sculpture? I can only think it is in response to the taller buildings and lack of horizon? The current Kiosk was a disappointment

Anyway – very quickly I headed down to the ‘Cultural Precinct’ and Christchurch Art Gallery. I love this area of Christchurch (fond memories and all that). The Arts Centre is a favourite place and of course I had to check in with a former Clairmont residence near-by in Hereford street. I will talk about the shows in my next post but one exhibition made the entire trip worthwhile!

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Round up

I finished my academic work for the year today and it appears my brain is ready to go on holiday so just a round up of some interesting things I’ve found.

Nothing to do at Labour weekend – what about a book reading at KFC in Hawera as part of the One Day Sculpture series? Came a Hot Sundae: A Ronald Hugh Morrieson Festival, Sunday 26 October 2008, 9am-late, Hawera, South Taranaki. I ‘d be there if I was in the vacinity.

Further on the subject of books, I am reading (well looking at) a great book right now. The Desire of the Line: Ralph Hotere Figurative Works. Its lovely. I have also been thinking there should be a Volume II of “Between the Lives” and this book by Jacky Bowring looks particularly good.

Woman(1970) Ralph Hotere

I also enjoyed this speech by Chris Price from the Going West Books and Writers Festival. I have decided I really must make more of an effort to get to festivals and exhibitions when I move South. I perhaps haven’t made enough of local opportunities here.

On that note the Real Art Road Show has a new selection of works, now on show at the Mahara Gallery and I really must go back to Colbalt before I leave.

And finally I may be eating my words when I have been a bit sneering about the plethora of Kapiti Island images around here. This may just be the subject of a artwork I will next be purchasing, although Sheldon Swears had some great photos of the Paekakariki Railway buildings.

And don’t worry – I’ll get ‘back on topic’ and stop obsessing about moving soon, when I actually get super busy with the logistics probably.

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