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The plan

The sport uniforms are all dry and in their bags, but Wittgenstein remains read only in comic book form. My HUGE piles of research books is buried under paper dolls and what seems like 500 felt tip pens.

I recall this thing called art, which takes a back seat when family life calls (which I guess it should). Projects and research and writing all put aside while sick kids are nursed, meals are prepared, floors are vacuumed and mopped. 

However, this Sunday is Mother’s Day and rather ironically, I am hoping to get out of the house and to see a few things on about town. The giant molars  need to be checked out (I hope they aren’t as tragic as they sound) as well as some interesting things at DPAG and “Long Live the Modern” is on at the Otago Museum.

So that’s the plan.

I do have Francis Pound’s “The Invention of New Zealand: Art and National Identity” to read which will occupy some of tomorrow. Although it’s quite large and a little conspicuous for the side-line.

NOTE: I said I’d blog every day – I didn’t say it would be quality blogging

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