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Shock of the new

The other day I was watching a Tui on a flax flower outside my window and I thought about taking a photo and how I would frame it etc. It suddenly occurred to me that I was imagining the resulting photo in the form of many other photographs of Tuis on flax that I have seen. This has always been an issue in my own artwork. I am a pretty good imitator but rarely come up with anything original. Most of what I produce is derivative – unintentionally or not.

 So I was thinking how do artists stay ‘fresh’ and come up with the new? I watched a video about Jackson Pollock (from the South Bank Show I think) a week or so back and they were saying he got to a point with the ‘drip paintings’ where he couldn’t take it any further or find a new expression and became quite depressed. With most really different styles of painting you can trace some sort of origin or evolution, but do some come completely out of left field? Take an earlier Pollock ‘The She Wolf’ (1943) or Birth (1938-41) you can see Picasso’s influence, but also to me I can see the same influence in Clairmont. Ok – So I haven’t done “Art History 101” but I’d like to know if anything has just appeared that seems for the most part untraceable. Bill Hammonds bird/men spring to mind.

Even so the shock to “The Establishment” of impressionism, cubism, modernism in their time is something to be celebrated. Today everything seems done or old hat and today’s “new” can seem like its trying too hard. I think our senses have become jaded.

On an unrelated front I am excited that one of my pictures(ok its a print) has escaped the garage and has been hung – albeit in the hallway.

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