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Ghosts in the machine

I have had an eventful Sunday. I started off feeling rather glum and not just about the election (although I am a bit scared as to what will happen now). However it was a beautiful day and I’d arranged to visit the studio of David Cauchi.

Now, I don’t hang about with artists much but I am always a bit in awe of their energy and knowledge. I have liked what I’ve seen of David’s work online and it was great to view it in person. I was impressed with how it has progressed over time too. His initial sketch book was incredible and I was particularly drawn to his portrait series. I am inspired to search out Picabia’s work and look forward to seeing more of David’s. A pity he has no dealer in Wellington (although maybe that’s part of plan?). Also, time spent drinking tea and talking art is good for the soul – and you have to admire someone who plays music from their laptop via a valve amp (well I do, being a valve freak)!

Part two of my day was seeing “Rain of the Children” at the Paramount. I was the only one in the theatre which was special considering it’s the first time I’ve been to the movies in 6 years. This is a very moving film and I’d highly recommend any one see it. Vincent Ward seemed clumsy and pushy at times but you could tell he was working from his heart. I guess in the back of my mind was the question as to why a pakeha was telling this story – but then maybe only an ‘outsider’ could?

Te Kooti’s War Flag

So after that I wandered over to Te Papa because I recalled some time ago they had Te Kooti’s flag on display and I thought maybe there would be something there from Rua Kenana, but no.

Finally I have to confess to something I’ve never done before. At Te Papa , I cried in front of a painting. I won’t say which one though because I am that predicable. I think I’ll just put it down to hormones though.

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