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An answer

A while back I was mulling over the photography as art question. Thats what I do here. As a newby to the depths of the art world I thinking about things, mull them over, write about it here, enter discussions.

I’d decided that the photography as art issue was just as aspect of the larger “What is art?” question – which doesn’t really have an answer. After a big discussion on that topic offline this week I stand by my assertion that renaming an organiser, a curator or artist does not automatically turn a project into an artwork. But I digress. I read this today on Over the Net

This is an exhibition format made in heaven for photographers like Ans Westra, Marti Friedlander and Peter Black. It also nailed the anachronism of the ‘is photography art?’ conversation that still has some play in New Zealand even today. Everyone can relax, the votes have been counted: photography is art when it’s art, in the same way that drawing, painting and carving aren’t art when they’re not.” [emphasis added]

Which is a great way of putting it ;-)

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Art hard at work

Over the Net have a series about art working hard in the foyers of the world. Me, I’m more of a coffee shop girl.

Michael Parekowhai’s Ed Brown at Strictly Coffee, Dunedin

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