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Just some fun

I am hoping to resume proper art-related blogging on Monday but today let’s have some fun.

One of my favourite songs when I was little was Alexander Beetleby Melanie. I sing this to my kids although they like it to be Alexandra Beetle. Anyway a while ago I found this – it begins:

“If you’re not familiar with Alexander Beetle, it was one of the poems about his neurotic, cousin-marrying son’s childhood that A.A. Milne wrote early last century. It was later covered as a 1970s hippy folk song by Melanie Safka. And it’s not as heart-warming a tale as I remembered it. Yes, after a presumably unfulfilling day trapped inside a matchbox, lacking food, water, space, and possibly air, the beetle took the first opportunity granted it for freedom AND RAN LIKE BUGGERY.” 

This post luckily hasn’t ruined my childhood memories and is very funny. Also Melanie is quite something and her version of Ruby Tuesday is also a favourite. I like it better than the Rolling Stones original.

For some reason it got me thinking of Marianne Faithful who has been on my radar quite a bit lately (and I am hoping to watch Irina Palm tonight). I had an unusual experience this morning with a woman who reminded me of Marianne and who fervently exclaimed “NO! NO! NO! NO!” when I was contemplating buying Samsara and put me on to something more suitable.


For some reason I always associate the album artwork of Broken English  with Faithfull, which is just as well considering this:

Marianne Faithfull as Maria Teresa in Marie Antoinette


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