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When I am blogging I don’t often think of ‘the audience’ and  so it surprises me when I get comments like this expanding on the Mangamahu Possum story or this invitation!

Just goes to show again what a small arts and lit (and blogging) world there is in New Zealand. It makes me sheepish for a while, put some proposed posts on hold and basically get a little paranoid.

However I have to update you on the “Days of Our Lives My Bookshelves”. My books are even more mixed up now after our move, (so much so that they DO need to be sorted out), but I noticed that somehow Edmond and Stead remain side-by-side. It is therefore fortuitous that The Bone People has washed up on the other side of Karl as I feel it may keep things more seemly.

More proof that its a small world is that I noticed the Festival of Writers in Hastings (March 2009) lists both CK Stead and Martin Edmond in their event A Night of Pleasure in Association with Te Mata Estate … An interesting prospect.

Of more interest to me would be the audience with Martin Edmond, Peter Wells and Roger McDonald on “The Importance of Place” a topic I find myself returning to frequently in regard to New Zealand ‘Arts and Letters’. Of course as the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival appears to be off the agenda (unless this blog suddenly becomes self-funding), Hawkes Bay is an even more remote possibility.

And finally, I felt this post needed a picture and this made me laugh. It has nothing to do with a recent review I read in Landfall.


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