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I was thinking may be I could turn over a new leaf in 2009 and not blog anonymously. There was some debate on this subject in the art blogging world in 2008 – nicely summed up here today. To be honest though and as I said to Mr Hurrell, I am just too lazy to change all my accounts and anyone that wants to can email me and get a reply from my ‘real’ name. I am a nobody anyway.

I have been writing a few pieces not art related and am thinking of submitting for publication and while trying to write a little bio I got to wondering about pseudonyms and characters.  If a author of fiction was playing with characters , maybe writing a completely fictitious blog in that character’s voice would be an interesting way to ‘explore’ them. What would that mean though? Would it be a deception? Because to have/give full effect, you wouldn’t want to declare the intention. If you consider the ‘net “publication” could it be an Ern Malley type situation? I wonder if any of the blogs I read are “made up”?

Portrait of Ern Malley by Sidney Nolan

Also there are many instances of writers with pseudonyms, but not so many artists – I wonder why?

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