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A picture or two

I’ve been thinking a lot about art that says a lot while saying nothing. Some may say this is how all art is, but I got sent this image today

by Alan Maddox

And it reminded me again of that quote from “Angels in America” that “even hallucinations have laws” which of course was immediately challenged. Perhaps there are no laws…?

And another pic – Maddox and Clairmont in a quieter, calmer moment. And you can even buy it here

Maddox and Clairmont by Marti Friedlander

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Obsession – over

I have been very remiss in posting lately due to the illness and a mild obsession with a stressful situation at home. However things are on the improve all round. YAY!

This week I read something I wish I’d written – this very funny post by Tom Cardy

“I’ve always enjoyed Rita Angus’ art, not the least because several of her portraits and drawings eerily seem to be the precursor to a lot of high quality artwork in comics and graphic novels of the past 20 years… But what had never crossed my mind about Angus’ art is that some of it now on show at Te Papa could be stupid, socially irresponsible and health-endangering.”

Meanwhile the Barrs see Allen Maddox in – is that Marion Street?

And more new stuff from little people. I am loving the wildlife. For more see here.

Kind of reminds me of Peter Peryer’s playfulness with scale.

Cheryl also discusses art displayed in real estate ads and home magazines which amused me as I’d just put away the Clairmonts (so as not to scare the horses) and another friend had put his artwork in storage while his house goes on the market. Why are we hiding? And who from? It did make me think that a savvy art thief might go through these online real estate tours or house and garden type mags picking out goodies for future ‘pickup’.

Ah well – have a good weekend..

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