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Further to that story…

Dog – Found! 
“Thank you for your enquiry re the large dog that used to sit outside the Dowse. The Large White Dog is made by Barry Lett  in 1990 and is currently in the collections store at TheNewDowse. Due to fragility it cannot be sitting outside exposed to elements. ”

I had totally not picked this for Barry Lett because it was made of river stones not scoria and I’d only seen those skinny red dogs (lesson – listen to your “art elders”). It looked more like a Keith Haring dog. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me. I wonder why is sat outside for what I recall as “years” and now is too fragile.  I wonder if its in pieces? At least now I don’t have to offer a reward to locate it.

The McCahon (online) Database “contains some 1600 works, including paintings and drawings“. It does not have a subject index but you can search it. I searched for iron and cross and looked under religious so I am fairly confident his iron cross sculpture is not there – maybe it isn’t meant to be (because its just paintings and drawings)?

EDIT: – see comments. This IS in the database and I am an idiot :-) I do worry about a database that didn’t find it when the term sculpture was put in the search field though. Who would think I used to design and develop databases for a living huh? I do admit to searching on “iron cross” when its not made from iron. I am sure I entered cross but I was having a “mummy” day at the time.

I tried to watch the Kurt Cobain movie “About a Son” on Saturday night. I had heard good things about it and it was quite different for a doco. Interesting cinematography and choice of imagery with audio edited from interviews with KC about his life. Unfortunately I was also baking a bright pink Barbie layer cake at the same time and the two activities were not mutally conducive. I think the cake won out.

Also I just got my hands on a copy of JK Baxter’s kids book “The Seagull”. It would be somewhat romantic to hope that it will be the first book my daughter reads by herself but I can try…


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