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three New Zealand artists. All very different and only ‘showcased’ here because I have links to all three – albeit somewhat tenuous ones.

Crispin Korschen

Crispin used to weed my garden for me. I guess it was a crummy job to support her burgeoning return to art and I was most likely not a good employer. I wish I’d bought some of her art then (around 2005), but circumstances didn’t allow. Her stuff then seemed to be a little darker than the more recent works, which I liked better.
temptation.jpg Click for larger image

Matt Hunt

Matt is the cousin of a friend in Palmerston North where I lived for a while. I first met him when we went to his flat to pick something up – I think he was moving. He is the only person I’ve ever met whose filing system was based around the seven deadly sins. We played touch rugby together for a while. That is until I decided they were all too serious and I’d never played ANY sport before, so I sucked at it. I saw some stuff of his I really liked at Pataka in the “It’s a Small World” exhibition (2003). As an aside, I have to mention Ronnie van Hout’s McCahon works in the same exhibition are really worth a look. Matt’s work is clever. Some of it I like, some is well… meh. This one I like.


A few years ago I saw a painting very similar to Matt’s at a gallery in Eastbourne (the Rona?) I have no idea who the artist was, so if anyone knows….

John Walsh

Well John is the husband of someone I studied with. I drank wine with friends in the studio once and lurked at their place drinking coffee on occasion. I loved their house, so FULL of artworks. I miss my friend now I’ve moved away. At the time I didn’t understand the materials John was painting on and liked his older, more conventional, portraits better. Then I went to the Parihaka exhibition and changed my mind.


Relevance – well its about art and my life right?

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