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A Spotless Mind

Some recent events have got me thinking about, well, thinking.

Firstly this:

Pic shamelessly stolen from David Cauchi’s Pointless and Absurd blog

The Ian Curtis memorial wall in Wellington is no more. More about it at the afore mentioned blog (and I agree – arseholes) and on Stuff which aptly calls the council’s buff squad, the ‘killjoy division’. My problem with this is not so much that its gone, although that is sad – it will surely rise again and hopefully with some version better than this (at least get the dates right guys). It’s that this piece of graffiti has been there on and off for 28 years and has significant meaning – to those of us Joy Division fans at least. Some nice writing around Joy Division and significance can be found on Philip Matthews blog here and here and here. To me what has happened here is ‘cultural vandalism’ *- council sanctioned vandalism.

And as Component susinctly puts it:

Pic not so shamelessly stolen from Component’s website

Is this what they are aiming for – grey minds? But it got me thinking about the quote from Alexander Pope’s Eloisa to Abelard:

“Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d;”

Maybe its easier this way? Not thinking or questioning or remembering? Recently I have been finding it increasingly difficult to equate my day-to-day domesticity with my thinking and aspirations. Also with the seemingly exciting lives of various unencumbered friends seem very desireable. Maybe that’s what Valium was to the 50s/60s housewife – keeping the mind spotless, in order to keep the house the same? Maybe a certain amount of greyness is required to live this life. Maybe the art and the writing (and the ukulele playing) is simply bashing  against the bars? Or maybe its more universal and that the powers that be want everyone greyed out and drone like in every endeavour?

Lets not , eh?

* although some have accused me of cultural vandalism myself for playing ‘Love Will Tear us Apart” on the ukulele

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Isn’t it ironic?

Don’t ya think? Well maybe not. I thought it was about time for another ukulele post and I had the funniest twitter conversation today that ended with the comment “Joy Division could have been much more cheerful if they’d thought to add a ukulele“*

Always one to please – I bring you the Heavy Boxes:


*Hope you don’t mind me repeating this – its been making me laugh all afternoon.

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