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I am reading the book by John Newton “The Double Rainbow” about Baxter and the Jerusalem Community on the Whanganui river and right now am listening to the “Playing Favourites” author interview with Kim Hill (audio found here). Its a dense book and not a very easy read. For me this is because it requires concentration not a zillion minute-by-minute interruptions. So far its rather wonderful though.

So earlier today I went to my still disorganised bookshelves to look for my copy of Jerusalem Daybook and found all my Baxter and related books had been conveniently shelved together (not by me). I have had quite a trying and stressful and day and was unhappy to find JC Sturm beside Mike Minehan. I was just about to “have a go” at the shelver when I realised that a) I needed to get some perspective – they are just books and b) if we move again (which is what I desperately want to do – to a bigger house) that they’d just get messed up again and I should really be thankful they are shelved at all, and that I have a house, and books, and shelves etc etc.

Then again sometimes recently it feels has felt tempting to leave all my worldly goods (incl the tux in the wardrobe) and take-off up river.

Its just winter I imagine, and slight cabin fever.


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