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Art today

So what art was in my life today?

Well first I have to mention Lolvant garde which is an art take on Lolcats (I can has cheezburger). The cats make me laugh most days – I even considered adding them to my blogroll. A fine example being Schrodinger today which inspired fall on the floor laughter that brands me as a geek. Lolvant garde doesn’t hit the mark quite so well but I am liking this (although I would have left off the 2nd part of the caption):

I think a lot of fun could be had captioning NZ art works.

I had to take back some books to the library which included “Larks in Paradise” (1974) text by James McNeish and photos by Marti Friedlander. This is a great ‘snapshot’ of a particular time in NZ and “a vision of a ‘dull’ New Zealand with portraits of people standing unsmiling in urban or rural settings“. There was a photo “Subdivision 1966” which I liked a lot.

I also came across a great collection of photos of street art in Wellington in oSiniSteRo on MySpace. As usual I Iiked the stencil stuff. I guess that’s fairly typical of someone of my demographic. This is not the best technical example, but I like the message.

I tried chasing up a local Gallery ‘Cobalt’ to check when they are open. “Cobalt Gallery is a studio gallery that presents emerging and established contemporary artists from the Kapiti Coast region and beyond.” I don’t really know but I was kind of hoping they might be ‘beyond’ just paintings. It would be nice to see something a little more ‘conceptual’ out here. Looks like they are open 10am-4pm in the weekends. I will report back.

Lastly I started hunting down some film for a Polaroid camera I acquired this week. The film is not being made any more so its looking quite expensive. I like the idea of doing some ‘altered polaroids’. I gather some interesting effects can be had with the ‘write-on’ film but also “during the development process the image can be manipulated by applying pressure to the mylar envelope that encases the image. This pressure and manipulation will cause changes as the chemicals are forming the image“. I like this ‘manual’ approach when so much is done digitally now.

Would be nice if we had “The Arts Channel’ (if we had Sky at all) but I have 3 art documentaries all lined up on DVD for the weekend, which is something to look forward to.

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