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Eating my words?

I had a lot of questions with Thursday’s post and unfortunately I think some were answered on Friday during a visit to the Dowse and I may have to eat some of my words – or at least rearrange my thoughts.

On my regular Lower Hutt visit I ventured back to the Dowse. Nothing much there except a cool sculpture of a giant piece of Popcorn – Pop Pop (2007) by Madeline Childs and The 2008 finalists of the Wallace Art Awards.

Pop Pop

The Wallace Award finalists were shocking to me, in that nearly everything seemed derivative. I kept saying to myself “Oh look that’s like Killeen, or Wealleans, or Fomison, or Leek, or Pick or Robinson or Driver” yadda yadda yadda. So maybe Ovenden had a point? I started thinking about the fine line between homage and more direct influence (as I suppose everything is derivative in some way). I thought maybe the piece I liked the most, a photograph “I AM” by Robyn Hoonhout of a larger, older woman in a chair owed something to Lucien Freud or maybe that is too obvious? More food for thought anyhow.

Today after voting (and explaining emancipation to my 5 year old who came with me), I settled in to look at some new library books. I am in awe of “Long Live the Modern“. Maybe it is because New Zealand is so small but I have worked, studied, and lived in several of these buildings. It is a really good book and as I was also doing some more Plischke research this morning, it tied in nicely – and continued on into my love for 1970s “bunker” architecture. The National Library building didn’t appear to be in there, which is a pity considering what they are proposing to do to it (maybe I missed it).

I also found the “New Zealand Portraits” book as raved over by Graham Beattie. It really is excellent. I think it must be year of the NZ Art book or something. I have two favourites after a first read through, Tony Fomison’s portrait by Alan Pearson and Garth Tappers portrait of Colin McCahon. Both seem held in the Hocken Collection and both betray my personal bias.

And tomorrow I get to visit Wellington and a studio and see a movie and maybe even eat out….WOW! Creepy blog meet-up invite still open…

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