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I am as excited as a 5-year old – actually probably more so. When I picked my daughter up from school today there was a RNZAF Iroquois helicopter there and we all waited to see/hear it take off. It was awesome. I just love that sound and it was a total reprise of one of the best and most original artworks I have seen/heard this year, Michael Tuffery’s sound installation at the Wellington Railway station for the New Artland programme. You can hear about it here and see the whole episode here (#4). Who knows if it was “good art” but I liked it.

It makes me wonder about evocative sounds. This week I’ve been reading about perfumes and how scent can be so evocative. Seeing and hearing the Iroquois today made me realise we associate sounds in similar ways. Many would think of Vietnam hearing that distinctive thwok-thwok-thwok of the Huey – or am I just showing my age? If you are a freak like me you might appreciate this short sound file too. I was also talking with someone this week about how living within hearing of a train whistle (or horn these days) can be a reminder that there is a larger world out there.

So normally I think of visual art as being…well…visual and (thankfully?) there’s not that much scratch and sniff work about. I know nothing about audio art although braying donkeys spring to mind for very wrong reasons. Dane Mitchell’s recordings at the Rita Angus Cottage are another, but go on – educate me – point me at artworks with an audio component and/or with a scent :-)

And so to some completely different Iroquois art

Carson R. Waterman, Seneca Iroquois

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