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A while ago I was asking around about the politics behind the gentrification of street art. Well yesterday I came across this about the restoration of street art in New York.

“Within the past year, two highly-prized, old school graffiti works have been retouched on the walls of lower Manhattan, while, this summer, a third work has been repainted in its entirety onto the brickwork of the Lower East Side. “

Personally I think money may be at the root of this more than simply a “new found reverence” for street art.

“[they]¬†had been told by the building’s previous landlord that a Jean-Michel Basquiat work lay hidden in the building somewhere. Though the pair didn’t find one neatly-formed work behind the walls, the art they did uncover was perhaps of greater significance: a floor-to-ceiling hash of tags, throw-ups and burners belonging to such old school graffiti writers as Fab 5 Freddy, Futura 2000, Nesto, Ramellzee, as well as Basquiat.”

and of course Basquiat is worth bazillions so

“Irgang managed to remove and remount the graffiti to a lightweight panel, using a tissue paper, cheesecloth, adhesive, chisels and stiff fabric… the mural is due to join the collection of a major museum.”

– Am I being cynical? Also the restoration of Haring’s first major outdoor artwork seems a little off when “Keith himself covered over the work once the paint started to fade.”

Well – whatever. In other news I have found a interim solution for my desire for a mid century house (a la Plischke) – a mid century modern birdhouse

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