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A year ago today

Well its a year since I started this blog. A year with some pretty big ups, downs and change arounds for me but I managed to keep going here – which amazes me. Blogging has opened doors and introduced some wonderful people into my life which has been all good. I feel I should list people but you know who you are….It’s also opened my eyes to many new ideas while letting me have a forum to explore them.

My first post was about Clairmont and I’ve continued to rattle on about him and his work. In fact one of my biggest regrets for the year was not making more of an effort to go see the blue self portrait (1975) that was in the recent Art+Object “Important Paintings” auction. I will now probably raise the ire of someone as I reproduce it here (from the Art+Object catalogue)


Someone suggested to me that it had Baxter-like qualities. I agree – it’s a special one. I hope it is happy in its new home (if it has one)

This blog is meant to be about art and my life and so is a very personal view. That has been problematic at times because I am always learning. The biggest education experience for me this year was a tour of  “Reboot” at the City Gallery, Wellington with a talk by collector Jim Barr. I think I get it now – I don’t necessarily like it all, but I see. I feel a bit guilty about not searching out more challenging art since then, but access to formal art remains a bit of an issue.

I’ve had a busy day today and not really on the lookout for ART, but at my daughters ballet exam this morning my eyes wandered again to a graphic of Martha Graham * that hangs on the studio wall. Of course dance is an art itself but this picture seems to capture the freedom Graham embodied. I couldn’t find an exact copy online but Warhol does an ok job of dance art – and its taken from an excellent 1940 photo by Barbara Morgan. It doesn’t quite capture the same spirit though as the poster in the studio (whoever that is).

Martha Graham : Letter to the world. Andy Warhol

I try to honour a tradition of  “a year and a day” to decide about committing myself to things, so I guess I have another day to decide about the future of this blog. Whatever – its been fun.

*Oh, Gosh – maybe it was Isadora Duncan? Nah…

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