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So here is a tale about the oddest thing that has ever happened to me in an art gallery. I managed to swoop by the Eastern Southland Art Gallery just after Christmas to see the Matthew Couper show Thirty-Three. It was excellent and a great concept. I particularly liked the Christ Canvas part of the central installation.

While I was there I decided to post a message to the artist via Facebook saying I was there and I thought it was great (what a fan-girl *sigh*). When I looked up for my messaging a patron, an older gentle man was glaring at me…oh well I though and went through to the Hotere Gallery. Now something struck me about the hanging of three panels of Hotere’s at the end of the gallery and I did something I have seldom done before and took a photo.

This wasn’t a quick decision for me but I was thinking about many of these posts and Courtney’s discussion of this topic on National Radio. Recently I’d been to the re-opened Otago Settlers Museum that actually invited you to take photos and I also had in mind Matthew Couper himself and his many Facebook photos of artworks in galleries.

Anyway the older gentleman approached me and said “Taking photos of the artworks eh??” He was visibly angry; I was quite taken aback. I offered to delete the photo if it upset him that much and his response was “I don’t even want to speak to you” and he stomped right out of the art gallery.

Now I HATE upsetting people or causing a fuss so I was quite upset. But over the week or so I’ve decided it perhaps was not the best idea I’ve ever had, but actually was it that enraging? I would have liked to know what this man’s specific problem was…

The funny thing is the picture I took is a unrecognisable complete blur, perhaps as John Lydon sang, anger is an energy…

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Some more about #Twecon here and here. My thanks again to organiser Matthew Dentith.

Artist, Matthew Couper and the sacred spleen – springing in part, from a Facebook conversation about me wanting an ex-voto for neurotic suburban housewife (who me?) . I am a bit of a fan of Matthew’s work.

Every weekend our family troops down to the school pool and I read while the rest swim. Yep, I am the mum in the stands with the fogged up glasses reading Proust. Anyway it reminds me of Helen Holm in John Irving’s “The World According to Garp”. Helen was the wrestling coach’s daughter and often sat in the stands reading while her father coached Garp. Helen told Garp she will only ever marry a writer (silly girl) and so Garp decides he will become one. Like me, Helen wore glasses which fogged up while she read. Helen was a key figure to me in the 80s. She made it ok to be A READER.

A bit of a pointless story, but I’ve been reading a lot about memory (hence Proust) and echoes from the past. Today (at the pools) I found this:

it is fantasmatic, deriving from a kind of second sight which seems to bear me forward to a utopian time, or to carry me back  to somewhere in myself” Roland Barthes,  Camera Lucida  Chapter 16

It seemed so applicable as more and more often I come across passages in writing, and visual art that has this effect. I think this might be the key to why I especially like some art.

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Ok Ok – I am a slack blogger but it’s the holidays and in a week my entire household will be packed into a truck – did I mention I am stressed?

I was thinking how slack I’ve been in regard to local arts – some might say ‘dismissive’  (actually they have). The Mahara Gallery is my local and I could have been more supportive. For a tiny underfunded gallery they do some pretty good shows. I was an idiot and missed the 2nd version of “the Real Art Road Show” there recently too. I see Matt Couper has a piece in it too which I would have liked to see. He was also the recent (very polite) recipient of an odd email from me (meant for another Matt) regarding a comparison of Star Wars to the Bible.

This is just indicative of the odd conversations I’ve been having lately

Topics include:
What is punk? Was Patti Smith punk ?(after seeing “The Blank Generation“)
Is the ukulele “deeply uncool”? Even after seeing this ? (hat tip Tony)
Star Wars, Tolkein, The Bible – contrast and compare
Best rock band of each decade from 1960’s to 2000’s
Why are Dunedin rental agents so awful?

Stemming from this I give you these gems

[The  rock band] debate could be like best religion or best pasta shape. Do you count non-theistic belief systems and gluten-free pasta? John Keys – saviour or admission of failure? Longboards, shortboards, bodyboards, body surfing or crowd surfing?…Rolling Stones or Beatles? Ginger or Mary Ann? Frida or Agnetha? Toss or Colin? ” – TC

“I heard those comparisons, too, but I don’t think they are so obvious. Plus, I don’t think people would accept a Hobbit as their Lord and Saviour! “– MB

India put the problems of suburban Palmy in perspective”. – TC

“I for one would welcome our Hobbit overlords”– Eusa

I’ve also come across a blog recently that is like hearing one side of a very personal conversation. Why?

I actually have many regrets about things I have not been able to do before leaving Wellington  – oh well. I’ll just put on Mr Vicious and Co and their version of My Way instead.

Dee Dee Ramone’s portrait of Sid

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