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Jumping on the band wagon

This morning I’ve seen read several entries on an experiment about art and context. I blogged on this topic a while ago in Art Transformation Zone – and probably made a few people think I really was ‘witless’. As Tyler Green put it “Context matters — and that’s OK”. I have been wrestling with the “That’s OK” bit, I am still not sure.

Over the Net said “If you put a pile of road working equipment in the middle of an art gallery, would people stop to consider it seriously as art?”  The thing is they probably would in at least the same percentages as the experiment reported above. I would estimate at least 4% would seriously consider it art because it was in a gallery. EDIT: Maths is not my strong point but probably much much more than 4% would think its art. So context does matter then?… I’d love to see this tried out actually, dumb idea or not.

Again I reiterate I have no problem with art that requires a gallery context (or not) – it just gets you thinking – well me anyway.

I saw this over on eyeContact. What does it say about context???

Layla Rudneva – McKay from Tell yourself you’re OK

Oh – and I just love that phrase “jumping on the bandwagon” For some bizarre reason it makes me think of climbing aboard Don Driver’s “Ritual”.

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