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Horses for courses

I am about to move house this weekend and have managed to miss a submission date because of it BUT I wanted to do a small post about something irritating me. It connects with Hamish Keith’s Listener column this week (link to come)about the arts and funding and also this recent analysis of Creative NZ funding by the Barrs.

I got an email about a Creative Writing Course that sounded pretty good – the tutor is Steve Braunias. Of course it could be pretty awful as well. I am in the locality and thought ‘maybe I could just go and find out…would be a nice writing break anyway…” but then I though about the costs. The fees are $315, which seems fairly reasonable, but add in travel plus a weeks accommodation in Wanaka and somehow arranging care for my kids for that week…pretty unlikely I could go.

This is a community arts funded thing, presumably helped out by the local council and CNZ. And who is likely to attend such a course? Who has the time and money?  Think about it.

EDIT: I do see that keen writers located in the Upper Clutha region will be well served by it.

ANOTHER EDIT – (also see comment below) “Just thought I would let you know that the Wanaka Autumn Art School was set up in 1990 with the intention of providing local people with ready access to tutors from outside the district thus avoiding the heavy travel and accommodation costs associated with attending courses and festivals in some of the northern cities. Some 60% of participants are from Central Otago. The school was set up with Creative NZ assistance, but, for the last 20 years, has been completely self funding.
Robyn van Reenen- Co-ordinator”

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Kick Start

I’ve been meaning to blog about art funding for a while, but last time I was about to, a heap of my friends started shaving their heads to raise money for Leukemia research. Arts funding seemed rather inconsequential at that point.

Any how….I have been researching funding for a project I want to do that involves some travel to get it off the ground. If I was young, childless and carefree, getting to Auckland wouldn’t be an issue. In fact I would probably have a job as well, but because I am a housewife [let’s be honest about it – that’s what I do] I have constraints. Everything is on a budget and any travel I do also has to be in short spurts because I can’t be away from the kids for long. How’s that for a ‘white whine’?

I went to a Creative New Zealand workshop recently which was great. I say this because the funding programme staff are getting out and about in the provinces and talking face-to-face with people. I can see that once I have some my concept ideas better formed, CNZ will probably be able to help out.  Creative NZ seems to be one of the few places an early career independent researcher/writer can get financial assistance from too. If you are an academic or have a community project, funds are way more available. Most residencies also exclude anyone with a family as it can be difficult relocate with school, jobs etc.

So I’ve been looking into microfunding. The key example is Kickstarter which is currently for US-based people only.  Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative ideas. they idea is that a good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide and that a large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement. I really like the idea, and it seems to fill a funding gap. However I am really not sure with our tiny population, a New Zealand version would work. Personally I would also feel a bit like it was ‘begging’. That’s how I felt about the “Tip me” button that I used to have on this blog anyway.

So maybe its time to try:

(Unknown art historian holding a bake sale to fund new book)

Do I want your support? – hmm yes maybe but actually some suggestions for other avenues of funding would be great.

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