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When does the art detective work start causing delusions????

I have always loved this painting by Russell Clark (only linking in case Te Papa takes a hit out me – I can’t afford their fees to officially publish here sorry). It captures a time in Dunedin that intrigues me. I haven’t done much work to see if anyone has tried to identify the figures, but I think Clark himself is just below the picture of the horse, dark hair and fag in his mouth. I am guessing this because the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography entry reads “Slightly built and dark-skinned, with a mop of wavy dark hair, Clark was seldom seen without a cigarette to his lips.”

Now look at the young man in the brown suit in the middle left, who seems to be looking out into the distance. To me he looks like this person (persevere with the link – accept the terms and it will take you to the portrait).

I suppose this is old news? The two paintings are of the same era. Clark’s is 1934-1938 and the Lusk portrait 1939, and they moved in the same small circles, so it’s fairly likely. Of course I may be taking it all too literally.

I just wish I could post the paintings side by side here…

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