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  • My friend Merc has blogged one of my favourit-estpoems of his (thx)
  • I am excited because I have a new camera  (a late birthday pressie) that’s small enough for pocket or handbag so I anticipate madly taking photos of the quirky things I see.
  • Came across another cool artist, Neil Buddle (The Reverend) – I am particularly taken with “The Afterlife Series“. I like how the Baxter one has a different red (dripping) background on one edititon – I’d buy that on a T-shirt in an instant!. Check the Diglog too for collaborations with Jason Burgess (Burg).
  • I decided today that one of the worst things that could happen as an artist (IMHO) is have McDonalds buy your work for their “family restaurants”.
  • I am making plans for this year and the Auckland Writers and Readers festival might be a possibility, although I’d only be able to go for a couple of days. The line up at the festival is pretty amazing and there is so much I’d like to do in Auckland that it would be a very busy time.
  • A few days ago I saw the movie “Che: Part One” with Benicio del Toro. Strangely disjointed but excellent – I can’t wait for Part Two.

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A bit of a mixed bag today..

First -It is Te Papa’s 10th birthday and I am NOT going to repeat what others are saying about it  faults (and it has some – and don’t get me started on the logo!). My main thought is that perhaps we are grown up enough to have a separate National Art Gallery. I think on a report card they would get a steady improvement type comment. It does concern me about the McCahon database being in a bit of disarray commented on recently on the Barr’s blog. Also the research/publication aspect seems a bit lacking. OK, I have recently worked in an academic setting where it was ‘publish or die’ and that’s not so great either but I think a national institution could do better.

From the world of literature we have the New Zealand Post Writers and Readersweek coming up in Wellington (11-16 March). Like Nick Barnett from ShelfLife I have been trying to work out what I can get to. For me this probably means nothing for similar reasons as to why I didn’t get to the Bill Hammond exhibition. Someoneiknow suggested a donation button on my blog for petrol money and childcare so I can get to events :-). Maybe I could apply to Creative New Zealand -ha- . Anyway there are some great things on and if I had to pick one “The camera is a small room” looks like a very interesting presentation.


I am wondering how long it will take (if at all) for someone to complain about the images on this blog and copyright. I have been thinking about reproductions and copyright a bit, brought to the fore again when I got an Otiz Frizzell t-shirt this week (“Nice Pair”) and how our art t-shirt collection is growing unintentionally. I expect the main issue with reproductions is devaluing the original? There is money to be had in reproductions maybe but not as much as the original. There have been the recent moves about the % of the price going to the artists whenever a work is resold as well which maybe would impact the situation. I was also reading about the need for copyright to remain with the artist no matter who the owner is. Both ideas seem very complicated to enforce.

On a slightly different take I read a great book last year called “The Rebel Sell” about how counter culture had turned into consumer culture, one of the authors main illustrations being the “Che” image on everything


I confess to owning a ‘Che’ bag but it has a better pic on it checigar.jpg.

However just for contrast I really love this photo (not a good reproduction)


Lastly my quote for the day – from Cyril Connelly

“There is no more somber enemy of good art than the pram in the hall” (so I keep mine in the garage)

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